Five Questions You Must Answer Before You Renovate


Five Questions You Must Answer Before You Renovate


Thinking about a renovation?

Don’t even start buying the materials before you’ve asked yourself these crucial questions!

What am I doing this for?

People usually renovate for one of two reasons (or a mix of both!). One reason is to add value to the home. They know they’re going to sell the home at some point and would like to get a bit more money for it when that happens. The other is simply for pure personal enjoyment. You must remember that the vast majority of renovations don’t pay for themselves completely, even if they add value to the home. Don’t go into this expecting a profit. Personal enjoyment is the most immediately fulfilling. If you want to add value to your home, make sure you’re making something that you can also enjoy for the years that you’ll be remaining there. 


Can I really afford to do this?

You should really be coming up with an accurate budget before you begin your project. You shouldn’t start buying things and hammering away if you’re not sure whether or not you’ll actually be able to afford to finish it. And if you can afford it, by how much will it drain your finances? It’s possible you may need some form of financial assistance. You may even want to consider looking into homeowner personal loans.


Am I going to need help?

Another way to ask this question is to ask yourself whether or not you have the necessary skills to complete an ambitious DIY project! A lot of people who want to renovate their home want to take on the project themselves. This is laudable in many ways, and may even be a smart move. It can save you a bunch of money, after all, and it gives you 100% control over the project. But you also need to be honest with yourself. You don’t want to get started on this if you don’t think you’ll actually be able to finish it, or if you think you’re just going to ruin things. If you need a contractor, or even the help of a friend, then get it.

What do I need to remove from the vicinity?

Renovation is a messy and sometimes dangerous job. So you need to think carefully about what’s in the vicinity before you start getting to work. And I’m not just talking about the things that are in the same room. You should be considering this from all 360 degrees. While it may not be likely, there might be a chance that floor or ceiling damage could take place when you’re renovating. So you also need to remember the items that are above and below, on other floors.
Think about furniture, expensive items, electrics – and remember to protect things from dust, at least. Getting kids and pets out of the vicinity, and maybe even in another house for a few hours, could do wonders, too.


Am I going to regret this?

Of course, once you’ve actually finished the job, there’s not really much you can do if you regret it. So though you should think carefully about things before the project begins, once it’s underway you should be approaching this with a certain brazen boldness. Once everything is installed and paid for, there’s no point in second-guessing your choices.

Blog Posted: 20th December 2016.


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