What are acrylic sheets used for?


What are acrylic sheets used for?


What are acrylic sheets used for?

Acrylic sheets, like those manufactured by five-star plastic supplier The Plastic People, are used in so many different ways. In fact, you might be surprised to learn just some of the ways that you will come across this material during your day-to-day business:


  • Many mobile phone screens are created using an acrylic sheet, due to its high-impact strength and low-weight qualities.
  • Laptop screens are often designed using acrylic sheets too.
  • The diffusing panel which hides the bulbs of a fluorescent lighting array may be made from acrylic sheeting.


  • Car windows are often designed using acrylic sheets. Just like with mobile phone screens, this is because of the high-impact strength and low-weight credentials of the material.
  • Thanks to the ability to give them mirrored finishes, acrylic sheets are also often used for a vehicle’s side view and rear view mirrors.

On the high street

  • Due to its ability to be formed into just about any shape, acrylic sheets are often used for creating signs erected inside shops and shopping malls.
  • Point-of-sale displays are often formed using acrylic sheets as well, thanks to their ability to be shaped in numerous ways making for some attention-grabbing designs.
  • Acrylic sheets may also be used to create jewellery cases which serve to protect the watches and rings housed within them.

In the home

  • Acrylic sheeting makes for great kitchen splashbacks, due to them being groutless, durable and waterproof.
  • Acrylic sheets are worthy alternatives to glass on bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors, due to them being more durable in their designs.
  • Picture frames can be created using acrylic sheets, with the material lighter as well as more durable than frames designed with glass.
  • By using acrylic sheeting to create wall shelves, you will be using a material that is more cost-effective, easier to install and able to stand the test of time much better than glass and plywood alike.
  • Coffee tables and end tables designed using acrylic sheets are able to hold up better against general wear and tear when compared to traditional glass alternatives.
  • Thanks to their enhanced level of durability, bed frames created with acrylic sheets will be less likely to crack or break than those assembled using wood.


Blog Posted: 7th February 2017.


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