6 Proven Renovations That Help You Sell Your House Quicker


6 Proven Renovations That Help You Sell Your House Quicker


So you fancy selling your house soon. Perhaps you wish to downsize, or maybe you want to upgrade to a bigger property? You may even want to move to another part of the country (or even the world)? Whatever your reason, you’ll want to sell your abode as quickly as possible. The trouble is, some properties can end up hanging around on the market for many years!

Aside from the location and amenities, house buyers are always interested in having certain features in their future properties. When you buy a house, you should make sure that it’s got the ones people want the most. Take a look at the following six examples to see if your house has any of them because if it does, you can bet you’ll sell your home quicker than expected:

1. Conservatory

One of the top features homebuyers tend to look for in a house is a conservatory. They provide more space in a property for little outlay, and are great places to sit in during the summer months!

Many people add conservatories to their property search checklists because they can use them as dining rooms in smaller homes.

2. Modern Bathroom
Your house might be well-kept and look great from the outside. But, what if it’s rocking a PVC, pea green bathroom suite from the 1970s? As you can imagine, something fashionable almost half a century ago won’t suit today’s modern tastes.

If your bathing area is letting the side down, it’s time to consider an upgrade before you sell your house. These days, you can buy bathrooms online and even fit them yourself if you’re a keen DIYer!

3. Extension

Arguably one of the more expensive renovations you can undertake to boost your home’s selling price is installing an extension. If you can get trade prices on building materials and you’re in the construction industry, why not build one yourself? A typical single-storey extension can increase a house’s value by around £20,000 on average, believe it or not!

4. Driveway
Is the front of your house full of weeds and not much grass? And do you have to park your car on the road? If you’ve got enough space for at least two cars, you ought to consider constructing a driveway outside.

There are many options you can choose such as tarmac or block paving. You could even use gravel if you wanted to keep your costs down.

5. Roof

The sad truth about houses is that the roofs on them don’t last forever. A new roof might cost you around £5k or so for a standard semi-detached property. But, it offers peace of mind for new owners, and you will usually make a profit over the cost of having one installed.

What’s more, a new roof will give future owners of your property the option to have solar panels fitted.

6. Loft conversion
When building an extension isn’t an option (perhaps due to the cost), a cheaper way of adding an extra room is to have a loft conversion carried out in your home. Loft conversions are a cost effective way of gaining space in your existing house. You can use the room as another bedroom or even one with an en-suite bathroom if you’ve got a big enough roof.

Blog Posted: 30th March 2017


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