When Is It The Best Time To Change Spark Plugs In Cars?


When Is It The Best Time To Change Spark Plugs In Cars?


Have you ever wondered about how does your vehicle start within the split of a second without any physical effort from your side? This magic of starting your Engine is done by a couple of inch-long spark plugs of your car though it is very unlikely.

For the Engine to start, the air and the fuel mixture within the engine cylinder of your car requires a spark to be created by the combustion of the mixture and the power required to keep your vehicle moving is caused by this continuous burning of fuel gas mixture in the engine. Imagine this small device – the spark plug is in this process.

Obviously, the spark plug is made of a material which can withstand the heat and pressure of the engine. But it’s very likely that due to constant combustion and by regular usage, the spark plugs get eroded with time as it is constant under heat and pressure. The spark plugs are expected to be healthy not just for a smooth start of your cars but the smoothness of the ride throughout.

The spark plugs can remain intact for thousands of miles as per the normal scenario. Though the regular lifespan of spark plugs can vary from 80000 to 100000 miles, especially when you choose spark plug for BMW, it is very crucial that your spark plugs are checked for erosion every 30000 miles if there are no other visible/uncommon issues in the ride.

Remember, replacing your spark plugs at the right time prevents costly damage to your engines due to heavy Engine strain.

Diagnosis to Change Car’s Spark Plugs

Best signs to find the right time to change your spark plugs are when you experience the following issues:

  1. The moment you experience starting hiccup – When starting your car is not smooth, think about inspecting your spark plugs and wires immediately (for some car models don’t have a wire attached to the spark plug.) This could be because the spark plug is not properly functioning as it has worn down due to constant use.
  2. Rough idling – When you run your car engines without moving it, especially when experiencing halts during traffic signals. It is also possible if you experience bumpy sounds or jerks.
  3. Fractional breaking – During the ride, if your car stops for a fraction of a second as a result of engine misfiring which in turn can be due to a faulty or worn out spark plug. This will make it inefficient to sustain the engine combustion of your car.
  4. When you experience engine hesitation during your ride – It could be a delay in performance or an unusual sound while riding due to lack of adequate engine combustion.
  5. If there is a drastic reduction in fuel mileage in contrary to the normal scenario of your vehicle – The Engine tends to use up more fuel if the initiation of combustion and maintaining of adequate combustion of fuel-air mixture  is delayed due to a faulty spark plug  – This could be an Indicator.
  6. Oil leaks in Spark plug – On periodic inspection of spark plug if you observe oil content on the base- that’s a red signal – You might require going for immediate replacement of spark plug.
  7. Higher the performance, faster the expiry – There are high chances for high-performance spark plugs to wear out faster.

All these fore-mentioned symptoms could be because of a worn out spark plug which is incapable of creating that spark to start the ride and that in turn would affect your engine performance.  Your overall riding experience will be affected if the worn out spark plug is not replaced at the right time.

One more thing to be noted is that when you replace your spark plug go for the same model as the original as a safety measure.

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Blog Posted: 30th March 2017


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