Top 4 Value Adders For You


With proper investment, a house that you buy can be worth so much more than you originally paid. Sometimes all it takes is a lick of paint to get it looking fresh enough to add on a few thousand, but often it takes just a bit more than a paintbrush to get it cash-building on your behalf. So what do we need to do to really add the value to our homes?

Build A Pool

This is something that is definitely considered a luxury here in the UK, but more and more people are looking for houses with swimming pools included. Being realistic, unless they are built inside, they can only really be used on certain days during the summer months, but it’s still something that is just a delightful addition. It used to be that swimming pools detracted from the value, with the upkeep and maintenance being too much for some to handle, but since incomes are becoming more disposable, it is a highlight and one that the new homeowner can boast out to friends.

Build Up Or Out

Adding a loft conversion or a conservatory could see your house rise by value in the region of tens of thousands of pounds. You are essentially adding on another room to your house that can be utilised. If can fit a single bed in it, it is large enough to be classed as a bedroom – a definite earner when it comes to adding on improvements. You’ll need to make sure that you get building regulations passed by your local council for whatever work you are carrying out and ensure that it fits in with the period of the house – especially if it is a listed building.

Remodel The Kitchen & Bathroom

These are the two spaces which are for the more recreational amongst us. If you have a budding cook coming to look around your home, chances are they are inspecting your kitchen to within an inch of its life to make sure that it will stand up to their skills. Bathrooms are looked at as the main room that you can go to swipe off a load of functions, such as getting ready, getting clean and relaxing yourself. With kitchens and bathrooms really upping their stakes over the past decade on what they can offer, it’s no wonder that we are looking for something that meets all of our needs.

Look For The Little Things

Sometimes you can’t quite put your finger on what it is that needs changing within your home – but as soon as you do, you’ll wonder how you ever lived with it like that. More often than not it’s small things like changing the knobs on your doors or painting over the skirting boards. Keeping up with the times and getting your house looking clean is something that will add on the value rather than presenting a dingy home that doesn’t look like it’s had a once-over in a good while. So start the scrubbing process!

Blog Posted: 16th June 2017


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