Tips to Create Your Own Zen Garden


Tips to Create Your Own Zen Garden


If you’re blessed to have some garden space on your property and you want to do something special with it; something that is calm, peaceful and serene, then you can’t beat transforming your outdoor space into a soothing Zen garden.

Zen gardens are simple, peaceful and very elegant. They’re also pretty easy to maintain, so they’re the ideal kind of garden for low-maintenance types who want to spend more time enjoying the garden than working on them.

If a Zen garden sounds good to you, check out these tips to create your own Zen garden today:

All or Some?

First, you need to decide whether you want to turn your whole garden into a Zen paradise, or whether you’d rather just create a little Zen corner where you can relax and contemplate. Both can work well, so it’s really a matter of personal taste.

Create a Sand Mould

Sand is the foundation of any true Zen garden, so naturally, you’re going to need a good sand mould to keep the sand in place and stop it from drifting to other parts. You can buy sand moulds, but if you’re turning your entire outdoor space into a Zen garden, making your own bespoke one, which fits your garden perfectly is a good idea, and you can do this with just a few pieces of wood.

Gather Stones and Pebbles

Although it’s fine to have a few plants in a Zen garden, the bulk of the garden’s ‘accessories’ should comprise of stones and pebbles. Finds the most interesting, smoothest stones you can and stack them in interesting formations for a soothing natural look that isn’t too stimulating.

Rake Your Sand

Once you’ve created a mould and added sand to your garden, you need to set about it with a rake. The majority of Zen gardens have raked sand, and it does look more interesting when it has been raked to make interesting ripples and waves. The process of raking, like the process of stacking stones, is also very meditative and relaxing in nature.

Create Paths

Zen gardens should have paths that can be walked contemplatively and which ensure that you don’t mess up your sand. Add as many or as few of them as you like, but do add them for an authentic Zen feel.

Add Zen Accessories

To give your garden a bit more interest, you can now think about adding a few simple green plants and other Zen accessories, like a basic stone Buddha statue, lamp or water feature.

Add Structure

Obviously, your garden is there to be enjoyed, so once you’ve got the basic look down, adding some simple pieces of Bramblecrest Garden Furniture, which are as natural as possible, along with a gazebo or even a bridge will give you ample places to rest, reflect and enjoy your beautiful new Zen garden.

When you’re buying furniture and building structures, remember to use natural woods, rattan, and stone, which are in keeping with the Zen philosophy of simplicity and nature.

Blog Posted: 16th June 2017


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