Make Those Renovations More Manageable


You have big plans for your home but you might not have the biggest of budgets. That is far from an uncommon scenario. When we consider renovations, we expect them to be pretty expensive but the truth is that you can more than halve the costs you would see if you just relied on tradespeople for everything. So, how do you cut those costs down?

Go free when you can

Materials are going to be one of the resources that you find yourself reaching into your wallet for most often. You don’t want cheap materials that are going to fail you a lot sooner. But sometimes, free can be even better than cheaper. There are a lot of places you might be able to snag free (or reduced) building and renovating materials. Local sites with leftovers might very well be willing to give them to you. You can check out local recycling centres and see if they have anything for you to reclaim, as well.

Plan and research

There’s a good chance you might be able to handle more than you might think you can, yourself. However, running straight into the job with little preparation is more likely to end in disaster. For instance, if you want to plaster a wall, then look at the materials you’re going to need, the time you’re expected to take, and whether or not the instructions are clear to you. There’s a good chance you can do more than you might think you’re capable of, but you should at least know how much work is involved before you get started. A task can easily end up unfolding into a much longer process than anticipated, making your renovation hang around the home unfinished much longer than you would like.

Build up that toolbox

If you want to cut costs, then sourcing resources better is a big part of that. Not only might that mean looking for free materials when you can. When getting tools, look at specialist stores like instead of the more commonly used retail centres. Places that sell to DIYers and tradespeople usually tend to have lower prices and more reliable tools.

Know when you can’t DIY it

As states, sometimes it’s not always the wisest move to try and do it all yourself. When you feel truly out of your depth, then it’s time to call in the experts, not just “give it a go anyway”. If you attempt to take on a part of the renovation yourself and fail, you could just be wasting money. Even worse, you could be making mistakes and doing damage that have to be fixed and replaced, extending costs even more.

Be realistic, above all else. Look for cost-cutting methods and things you can handle yourself. But sometimes it’s worth realising that it’s smarter to pay the fee and end up with a quality job. At the very least, make sure you’re not using materials or tools that are too cheap and likely to need replacing down the line.


Blog Posted: 4th July 2017


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