How To Winter-Proof Your Home and Garden


How to winter-proof your home and garden

Knowing where to begin when it comes to preparing your home and garden for winter can be a tall order. Not only can a few unwanted changes seem like an unnecessary hassle, but if you lack the time and resources to do the labour yourself, all those extra costs can soon add up. However, getting your home and garden ready for winter is essential no matter how old your property is. Freak storms, accidents and adverse weather can wreak all sorts of havoc if your home is not properly prepared, ready for the festive season. It truly is as easy as starting from the outside in, read on to find out where to begin.

Vegetable patch and garden

Even if you aren’t blessed with green fingers, there’s no excuse not to get your veg patch ready for colder weather. While you won’t necessarily be planting out your crop for next year, do make sure that you tend to any weeds to prevent overgrowth before the New Year and be sure to dig the soil over – exposing all those pests to your garden’s wildlife and ensuring that any lingering roots won’t have time to seed. Don’t neglect your compost heap either. Do be sure to keep adding to any compost that you have at home with kitchen scraps and be sure to make sure it doesn’t freeze over.


Now is the time to make sure that the exterior of your house is fully protected against the elements. Don’t forget to oil metal gates and ensure that you give them a new coat of paint, to prevent against early rusting. Be sure to clear your gutters and outer fascias of any dead leaves or debris to ensure that your guttering is in full working order. Be sure to give your door and window frames a once over too – remember older frames are not only less heat efficient, they are also incredibly attractive to thieves. If you do need to bite the bullet do your research, glazing costs from £260 per window. That’s a worthy investment for the safety and security of your home and family in the long run.


Even if the outside of your house is prepared for the elements, there’s no time to put your feet up just yet. Be sure to book your boiler in for a service and check that you have bled all your radiators to avoid any build-up of air bubbles, reducing efficiency. If you are out of the house working long hours, why not keep your heating on a timer to ensure that your return to a warm home? It’s also highly advisable to keep some sort of heating on if you are planning on going away for Christmas, just to be sure that no pipes freeze over. Be sure to check in on your home insurance too, to double check what sort of plan you are signed on for in case of any winter mishaps.

Once you’re all prepped, that’s it! Relax and enjoy your fully winter prepared home and garden.


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