Heat Interface Units Explained


Heat Interface Units (HIU) act as a connection between a central boiler and the heating and hot water supply of multiple dwellings such as a block of flats or office spaces.

As opposed to each separate space having their own boiler fitted, when Heat Interface Units (HIU) are installed a central boiler delivers heating and hot water to a whole compound be it high-rise apartments or warden aided and sheltered complexes. This removes the constraints of equipping each individual residence with a combi boiler but without removing the residence’s ability to rapidly receive heating and warm water.

A heating network available with the use of HIUs enables valuable energy, which can regularly be lost during normal industrial processes, to be harnessed and supplied to homeowners as the production of heat from a singular source is usually more efficient than the generation of multiple heat sources.

During the construction of new apartment buildings or business complexes a key consideration is how to save energy through the use of energy-efficient plant. With Heat Interface Units (HIU), instant heating and hot water is transported through an insulated pipe network by a central district heating plant to then distribute and deliver eco-friendly temperature control to the building occupants.

Firms now have the ability to offer bespoke HIUs, tailoring the specification of each unit in order to match the design requirements of each client as well as matching their budget.

The ability to specifically design and then build a tailored HIU means that whether it is for a home or a business purpose, the Heat Interface Unit you need can be manufactured to perfectly match your individual requirements.

Tailored packages can range from ones which supply roughly 4 to 6 dwellings up to huge city wide schemes which feature over 4,500 installations.

Commissioning guarantees the operational performance of your HIU. Included in the commission of your HIU your supplier will monitor the balancing of the volume flow rates, in order to ensure that all the individual spaces who receive heating from the unit receive the correct amount of heating or water.

Another part of the commission is the security sealing of the unit’s control system to protect against any illegal interference with the HIU. This is particularly useful when, along with your unit, you have a pre-payment system and meters installed.

Finally, when looking for problems with the unit or as an initial point for your meter reading system the use of comprehensive documents covering every step of the use of your HIU proves vital for the commissioning process.


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