What is a TV Bed?


Looking to refresh and refurbish your bedroom? Or are you simply in need of a new bed? Then purchasing a TV Bed – a regular style bed with the added extra of an attached TV – could be the way to go.

TV beds are a brilliant way to recreate the executive look of a luxury hotel suite but all within the confines and comfort of your own home and at an affordable price.

There is now a large choice of high quality TV Beds available to buy with a variety of bed sizes.  Whether it’s a Super King Size, King Size, or a Double TV Bed you are looking for there really is something for everyone.

Single TV beds are even available to purchase meaning your children won’t have to miss out on the excitement of watching TV or playing their favourite games console in bed.

You might think fitting your TV bed to match your current bedroom design could be a difficult process but due to the wide assortment of fabrics and colours available to help to customise your TV bed frame matching it to your current décor can occur with the minimum of fuss.

TV beds have a retractable LED or Smart television in the base of the bed, which only needs to stay out of the footboard while it is in use, which is ideal for those who wish to maintain a more traditional bedroom style except for those cosy early nights sat up in bed watching your new favourite DVD box set.

Lifted out of its compartment in the footboard by an electric mechanism TV beds mean you can stay in your warm, comfortable bed for the entire process and you don’t even have to lift a finger setting it up! Some firms offer both free delivery and installation with the purchase of a new TV bed.

A lot of TV Beds can be combined with Ottoman storage allowing for a massive storing space under your mattress.

Great for storing your collection of DVDs, many TV Beds also offer compartments for holding satellite or gaming equipment.

Ottoman storage is another strength to the TV Bed and adds further value for money to your deal while providing extra, unseen storage space for your bedroom.



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