Design Tips for Renovating a Home in the Country


There are so many benefits when it comes to the countryside. The British countryside is something else; it is beautiful, it is romantic, and it is the perfect way to live after a stressful time in the city. Living in the country gives you the space you have always dreamed of, and it gives you the lifestyle that promotes health and happiness. You can have room for your children to come over, you can start the garden project you’ve always wanted, you could even try your hand at raising some animals. To make your move perfect, however, you need to ensure that your new home is perfect, from structure to design:

Things to Check

You should always have an inspection done before you buy the property. Even if you are fine with a property that needs a few fixes, you need to know what those fixes are so that you can prioritise them appropriately. Other than structural issues within your home and its systems, the other areas you should check are:

  1. Your Septic System

One thing that might be different from living in the city is that, chances are, you will be beyond local sewage. That is why having a working and efficient septic system is so important. You can contact Proseptic if you want a new septic tank, a fix, or an inspection, to ensure your septic tank is working as best as it can.

  1. Your Insulation

When you live in a detached property, things can get quite nippy, quickly. That is why one of the areas you should check is the state of the insulation of your property. Investing in new insulation can help keep your home dry, and warm, allowing you to heat your home more effectively. 

  1. Your Property

In some cases, you can adopt a very large property when you move to the country. One of the things that you should do after moving in is to comb that property. You might find old farm tools and other dangerous items that could have hurt you or your family. Collect them, and, if they aren’t easy to recycle or throw out, advertise them. Artists in particular often make use of old farm equipment, meaning you could save yourself the effort of properly disposing of them.

Things to Add

Once you own the property and it’s as structurally sound and safe as you can make it, it’s time to consider things to add to make your life there more enjoyable.

  1. Outer Buildings

Storage is always important, and when you have the property space, having an outer building can be the perfect fit. You can finally have somewhere to put any tools or heavy equipment in without worrying about it taking up space in your home, or getting damaged outside. These outer buildings can be very cheap since they don’t need electricity or heating if you don’t want them to.

  1. Landscaping

You have land to landscape, so it’s time to get working on that garden! You can make a true outdoor oasis if you put your mind to it, and adding a pop of colour to your property can make it bright, happy, and welcoming.

Interior Decorating Tips

It is now time to focus on the inside of your new home. The more effort you put into design, the better you will feel. Don’t settle for an interior look you don’t like; instead, follow these tips:

  1. Rustic Additions to Consider

Wood is always a great choice to consider, but so are iron pieces, brick, and stone. Adding these rustic elements (or keeping them, depending on what your property came with) is a great way to emphasise the beauty of the countryside, while also making your home nice and cosy inside. This is especially important if your home already has these features – just incorporate them into your redecorating!

  1. Colour Coordination

Colour is a difficult thing to decorate with because you don’t know how you will feel about that colour in the future. That is why, when choosing your large pieces of furniture, you should opt for timeless, simple pieces. Neutrals work well as a jumping off point for colourful decorative pieces, but you can have coloured furniture pieces as well – just opt for those colours that are more subdued, so that you can add pops of colour elsewhere.

  1. Lighting Affects Mood

Your finishes, which include your lights, your faucets, and even your door handles, should not be underestimated. These items can really pull a home together, and can make it look posh and established in no time.

  1. It’s in the Little Things

You won’t be home until you’ve lived in the property and start to notice where things are missing. Once you notice something is missing, you will figure out what needs to go in that spot. Once you have that, you then have a shopping list on hand whenever you go out to the high street, to a charity shop, to a boot sale, and so on. You will be able to decorate your new home perfectly, because home is in the little things, and taking your time decorating your home like this will help you love it, and bring in beautiful memories.

The countryside is the perfect getaway and the perfect move. Go for the fresh air, the exercise, the lifestyle, the space, and the potential. Make your new home the design dream you have always wanted. Not only do you have the space to let your imagination run wild, but you also have the space to try out new things and live the life that you have always wanted. Start by ensuring the property is safe, clean, and structurally sound, and go on from there. Add the storage and the landscaping that you need to live the picturesque life you always wanted, and take that effort inside. There is so much potential, and it is up to you to make your new home, yours.




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