Style Is In Season! Simple Garden Ideas For The Summer Months


Yes, summer is coming up! And for a lot of us, that means lazing around in the garden, watching the world go by. But, if your garden leaves a lot to be desired, you might want to consider redesigning your garden, but if you haven’t got the finances at your disposal, what simple garden ideas are there around for you to implement so you and your family can enjoy the summer months?

Simple family activities

Summer is all about barbecues, and the kids playing in the garden. You can get yourself a barbecue for pretty cheap now, but if you’re trying to keep the kids in one area, you might want to consider some outdoor games, provide many oversized novelty games like Connect 4 and all the classics. But, you need the space for lawn games. So, if you can, install decking for the barbecue station to sit.

Get cosy

It’s great if you have gatherings that go long into the night, and if you get a little bit cold as the sun disappears, get plenty of throws and blankets for everyone to wrap up warm in. It’s a great way to add a lot of colour to the space, especially if you have loads of chunky knitted blankets, with chequered patterns and the like.

Go rustic and traditional

Traditional furniture is always a great way to add a bit of classic charm to a simple garden. Wooden furniture is always a good choice, because the brown tones naturally lend themselves well to the green surroundings. There are many sites, like that provides classy garden furniture. The great thing about going rusty and traditional in terms of your garden is that it’s a very simple approach, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Lots of gardens go modern nowadays, but if you’re trying to keep it simple and cheap, going rustic is a perfect option.

Create a zen space

Spending loads of time outside in the summer is very relaxing. So why don’t you go that little bit further and create a proper relaxation space? You can decorate it as you like, with plenty of colour, provided by various plants, or you can set up a little corner with a small chair or bench, so you can sit, close your eyes, and enjoy the peace and quiet. If you got a garden in the middle of a city, this modest space will give you the opportunity to switch off from the hubbub of the outside world.

And of course, when it comes to the summer months, vibrant green grass is the best place to begin. Sometimes, you don’t need to over-decorate your garden, but have the foresight to reseed the lawn now, so by the time summer comes around, you’ve got a springy, fresh lawn to sit down on. The garden is fantastic for simple activities, such as picnics, or just lying down and watching the world go by, so if you’re lucky enough to have a decent amount of space, it’s essential that you make the most of it, especially in the run up to summer.


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