Top 5 Important Uses for Batteries


Batteries are a common thing in our homes and places of work. They help to power even the simplest of devices, like the clock in your kitchen, the TV remote and your trusty calculator. Batteries may seem like a menial thing to have around, but it could be incredibly important that you have quality batteries in working condition. While it’s an inconvenience when your batteries run out and you have to turn the TV on by the button on the monitor, there could be much more serious incidences where having working batteries is crucial. The likes of rechargeable batteries, as well as disposable ones, could come in very handy. Here we take a look at some of the most important uses for batteries.

Smoke alarms

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have a smoke alarm in your home or even place of work. However, having a smoke alarm that actually works is the crucial part. Smoke alarm batteries can last up to 10 years, but you should test that they are working at least once a month.

Buying high quality batteries for your smoke alarm could make all the difference. Look for 9V batteries that offer long life; often they will be lithium, as lithium batteries can last much longer than alkaline and carbon-zinc.

Making sure you have a spare smoke alarm battery in the house is a good idea, so you can replace it straight away if you need to!

Baby monitors

Keeping an eye on your new baby or small child is stressful and time consuming, but a baby monitor makes it so much easier; especially newer models that have a built-in camera too. Allowing you some time to yourself while keeping watch over your baby, a baby monitor is a huge help to a lot of new parents.

Batteries are an essential component for the monitor to provide that reassurance, so it’s important that they are always charged up. Baby monitors can alert you if your child has woken up or needs attention, but it’s no good if the batteries are dead. Stock up on replacement and rechargeable baby monitor batteries to keep your mind at rest.

Medical equipment

The medical industry relies heavily on batteries for some of the most important equipment you can think of. Having high performance, long lasting batteries in this particular industry is vital.

Batteries play a part in the workings of a defibrillator, as well as infusion pumps that deliver fluids to patients. Specialist batteries are also used in pacemakers. Throughout the health sector, batteries are used in devices and equipment including remote monitoring, respiratory assistance and patient mobility.

Wireless alarms

We often use the likes of wireless alarms or cameras around the exterior of our homes and workplaces, to keep them safe and alert us of any trouble. Due to being wireless for our convenience, it means they likely need batteries to power them and keep them going.

Keeping your home or workplace secure is hugely important, and you may require devices like window or door contacts, alarm bell boxes and panic buttons. Making sure they are powered with reliable batteries is crucial.

Radio communications

The likes of the emergency services and armed forces will probably rely on radio communications throughout their day. It’s one of the most important tools for an emergency responder as it helps to keep everyone on the same page, as well as getting important messages across when necessary.

The radios, or walkie talkies, rely on batteries to provide them with plenty of charge throughout the day!


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