Toilet Hire and Waste Removal Services


Modern toilet hire has come a long way in recent years; facilities have improved, cleanliness has improved and facilities to wash hands have become much more prevalent. But, after half a days use at a festival or event – toilet hire facilities always seem to run out of toilet paper and soap, and become dirtier and dirtier as the day progresses. This can lead to dissatisfied guests, and draws attention away from the experience of the event.

Thankfully, reputable toilet hire companies have started to identify this issue and taken steps to offer a complete waste removal service. This is usually a premium service option, but for the benefits it brings, it is well worth the extra investment.

In this article, we will explore what a waste removal and septic tank emptying service includes, and why you should look for a toilet hire company that offers this service.

Waste Removal Service

A waste removal service, or a septic tank emptying service as it can sometimes be known, is a complete service that makes sure your hired toilets are kept in pristine condition; from delivery, all the way through to collection.

Depending on the contract and the amount of guests in attendance, this could involve a team of people who are on hand to clean toilets, empty septic tanks, and replenish toilet paper and soap. Or, for smaller events, this may involve a team who turn up every few hours to empty septic tanks and replenish stocks. Reputable toilet hire services should be able to advise you on the level of service required, based on the type of event you are running.


 Whilst there will be some additional costs incurred for this premium service, there are multiple benefits associated with a complete waste removal service.

Guest Satisfaction

This is an obvious one, but clean toilets equal happy people. There is nothing worse than going to use a portaloo and finding messy toilets covered in waste, which are either unusable or very unpleasant to use. This goes for soap and toilet paper levels as well, anything that hinders an enjoyable use of the toilet can lead to loss in guest satisfaction.

Having a team onsite to clean and maintain hired toilets can also improve guest satisfaction. People like to see things getting done, so seeing a team actively cleansing and replenishing stock can do wonders for guests perceptions of an event.

Improved Efficiency

Maintaining toilets cleanliness, as well as replenishing soap and toilet paper ensures that all hired portaloos stay in full operating order for the duration of an event. This means that they can run at max capacity for the entire event – minimising ques.

Demand for toilets seem to come in waves, so it is important for the success of an event that guests are not queuing for long periods of time.

Limits the Spread of Germs

Clean toilets, with working facilities for washing hands will limit the spread of germs and the chance of guests getting ill. Outdoor festivals and events are not usually the cleanest of places, so ensuring that toilets are clean and offer facilities for washing hands is essential for good hygiene.

Especially if the event serves or sells food, it is crucial that guests are able to go to the toilet in a clean environment and correctly wash their hands afterwards.


This article was sponsored by SRP Toilet Hire – experts in toilet hire and waste removal services.


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