Top Four Steps to Take Before Renovating


When moving into a new house or after you’ve lived in your home for an extended period, you may find that the property isn’t complete until you’ve undertaken some renovations. These renovations might mean adding a conservatory to your garden, or it might include putting the right tiles down in your kitchen. Regardless of the update, no home is complete without the finishing touches that make it truly yours. If you take the time and the effort into creating a timeless interior design which perfectly sums up your personality, you will love your space. However, you don’t want to jump into a renovation spree without first taking these four preparation steps:


Focus on Function First

Before you begin any aesthetic changes, you should assess any issues in your home that interrupt its function. Not having enough storage space, or single-pane windows are all examples of function issues that you should deal with promptly. They won’t affect the design of your space quite as much, but they will make it much easier to live in your property and to grow as a family within it. You should hold off on any aesthetic fixes or big renovations until you fix the easy function issues within your home. Of course, big renovations can also tackle many function issues within your home, such as if your kitchen is too small.


Create a Visual

Once your home works as it should, you can then focus on making it look the way you want. To do this successfully, you will need to create a visual. There is a vast variety of easy to use software available which allows you to create a visual representation of your vision which you can then use to show either your family or any contractors. The more specific you are, the more helpful contractors and your friends and family can be.


Get Many Quotes

Unless you have extensive experience in any area involving the plumbing, electric, or structure of a home, it is always wise to leave these jobs to a professional. DIY projects can end up costing you dearly, and can even put you and your family in danger. Having a visual and a clear idea of what you want doing can help you communicate what you want more effectively. Not every contractor, however, is the same, and this is why it is a good idea to use Compare Companies to get multiple quotes from local businesses. Doing so will help you make the best decision for your property.



Once you have the quotes, you can then begin to budget. You can choose to take out a small loan to pay for the renovation, but high-interest rates will always accompany those loans. Ideally, you should take the quote given to you and start saving for it. This quote given won’t be the same when you are ready to commit to the renovation, but you should be able to pay for the bulk of it.

Fixing up your property should not be done overnight. It is wise to wait and live in a property for at least a few months before committing to any renovation so that you are truly certain about what changes need making. Take time to plan and to gather inspiration so you can create the home of your dream.


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