Essential Cleaning Products for the Workplace


Sometimes the hardest part of keeping a workplace clean is knowing which cleaning products are the best for the job. By selecting the right cleaning products for your workplace, the job can be quick and even enjoyable. Investing in a supply of essential cleaning products is the start of establishing a maintainable cleaning routine. Here, we take a look at products which are essential items for almost any workplace.

Cleaning spray

A multi-purpose cleaning spray is a versatile product for many workplace surfaces, with degreasing power and a clean, fresh smell. There are many cleaning sprays on the market which are all designed to remove ingrained dirt, but our pick are the Evans multi-purpose cleaning sprays and the Seldon Spray and Wipe options.

Both brands produce quick acting cleaning products, with naturally derived ingredients. They are ideal for tough environments with ingrained grime, grease and can even remove graffiti. The spray bottles are designed for convenience, simply spray on the surface and wipe with a damp cloth or paper towel.

Hand wash

Hand wash is an important aspect to consider in all commercial spaces, as it is an essential product needed to maintain excellent levels of hygiene for your employees and customers. There are a variety of hand wash options available to suit different business needs. For large workplace environments a bulk fill hand soap is probably the most cost-effective option, but for smaller businesses smaller pump bottles are ideal.

There are a variety of brands which provide larger 5 litre refill bottles such as Abena, Evans and Sterizar. Each of these manufacturers use the best quality ingredients available, to produce both perfumed and unperfumed soaps. Popular options for smaller individual bottles include Carex, Abena and Evans, with sizes ranging from 500ml to smaller 250ml bottles.

Jay cloths

Jay cloths are ideal for multi-purpose cleaning and provide an economical solution for many businesses. They are suited to everything from washing up to surface cleaning and are strong enough to last for a few uses. For larger industrial areas jay cloths are available on a roll, with smaller individual packs ideal for workplaces with less space.

The rolls often contain 500 sheets, with individual packs commonly holding 100 cloths. They are available in a variety of colours including blue, green, red and yellow, to fit with colour coded cleaning systems.

Floor cleaner

The floor of any workplace is an area which will need cleaning at regular intervals. An effective floor cleaner will not only improve cleanliness, but choosing the best product can also protect your premises. The most cost-effective options are the large 5 litre containers, which are designed for industrial use.

Cif is a popular brand of wood floor cleaner, it is ideal for varnished wood or laminate flooring. It has a versatile formula, so can also be used on cupboards and wooden flooring. If you have a vinyl, marble, asphalt or linoleum floor, Vantage produce a range of brilliant products. The best floor cleaners will lift dirt easily and leave a clean, fresh smell with no residue.

Disposable gloves

Although disposable gloves are most commonly seen in food environments, they are a great option for many workplaces. Many cleaning chemicals contain ingredients which may be harmful to skin, but disposable gloves will provide an extra layer of protection.

The most common types of gloves are those which are lightly powdered to make them easy to wear, with an improved feel and fit, although non-powdered options are available. For workplaces which require increased strength, polysynthetic gloves are a great option as they use the latest hybrid technology for improved performance.



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