How To Make Moving Day Easier To Manage


There is nothing easy about the moving process. Before moving day has even arrived, you have had to choose a house to buy, raise finances, and sell your home. Stressful? You betcha! We wouldn’t blame you if you decided to give up early and stay put, if only to avoid the pain and hassle that comes with the mammoth task before you. Of course, that may not be an option. However, we are here to help you with some of the stress you will be feeling, and that is centered around the big day itself. Moving day! Here are some of the ways you can manage this most difficult of days.

  • Organise moving day early, so you aren’t faced with a last-minute rush and panic trying to get things done. This means packing up unessential items weeks in advance; organising any help you may need, such as a clean-up crew and heavy lifters; and letting those who need to know about your impending move as soon as possible to make the transition into your new home a smooth one. Make sure you book a removal service and double-check with them days before to ensure they haven’t forgotten you. If you need to order anything online, such as new furniture, use a dedicated courier service, such as Shiply. If you are relying on other drivers to help you with the move, ensure they have a map, to avoid your goods getting lost en route. You can’t plan everything, mishaps may happen, but the more organised you are, the better.


  • Get rid of any unwanted items before the move, as this will save you on removal costs, and give you less to pack up before the big day. Particularly if there is already furniture and other items in the house you are moving into, you probably don’t need to take everything with you anyway. Donate your unwanted belongings to a charity, or make yourself a bit of extra cash for the move, and sell some of your stuff online at Craigslist or eBay. By lightening your load beforehand, you will erm… lighten the load and your stress level on moving day.


  • Pack a bag of essentials for the day, those things that you need at home before moving, and the items that are useful for when you arrive at your new property. Having a few things at hand means you won’t have to scour your packed boxes searching for them. There is a handy list here for your essentials box, so tick off the items that are relevant to you and your family.


  • Keep the kids entertained, as they will only amplify any stress you may be feeling otherwise. Include a few toys or books in the essentials box, so they always have something at hand to keep them from under your feet. Alternatively, enlist a childminder for the day, a friend or family member who can take care of your children while you’re busy getting everything ready for the move.


Moving day is not easy, but you can make it more manageable by following these simple tips. If you have any further advice, for any stage of the moving process, share your pearls of wisdom with us, and help us all survive this most stressful of life-experiences. Thanks for reading.


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