Why Choose Health and Safety Training Through e-Learning


Health and safety e-learning is growing in popularity as a convenient method of educating employees and developing awareness. As an employer you are legally obliged to keep your employees safe. Preventing accidents and ill health should be one of your key priorities so too should be promoting the health and well-being of the people who work for you. Providing health and safety training can bring a number of benefits to your organisation such as:

  • Making sure that each employee does not suffer illness or injury because of poor working practices
  • Developing and promoting a strong health and safety culture where good practice becomes second nature
  • Finding out how you can manage health and safety more effectively
  • Complying with your legal requirements to keep your employees safe while at work

If your employees work across multiple sites or in different locations, bringing everyone together on site at the same time to deliver health and safety training can be costly and complex. With e-learning each member of the team can study at a time and place that is convenient for them. You can also tailor the training to suit the particular group of employees.

No matter how small or large your organisation is, workers in all fields face certain dangers that can affect their health and safety. Everyone from office staff to construction workers can suffer illness or injury through poor working practices. In some industries, particularly those deemed to be high risk such as construction or mining for example, dangers can be evident, with issues such as exposure to chemicals, falls, trips and accidents with equipment can occur every day. For other employees the dangers may not be immediately apparent. Working in an office for example still presents its own risks but in a different way. Office staff should be aware of the Display Screen Equipment regulations to prevent upper limb disorders all of which can impact productivity, well-being and overall health.

Creating a tailored health and safety e-learning package not only helps you comply with the law, but it can also help employees to work smarter and safer. Educating employees on the basics of health and safety which are relevant to their work is important and it can also reduce injury, accidents and illness, helping to contribute to a healthy and safe workforce.

Employees who feel safe and valued at work are more satisfied with their job so any increase in staff morale will only serve to boost productivity. Whether you want your employees to obtain a health and safety certificate or simply develop their awareness, you can achieve a lot of things with a dedicated e-learning program in health and safety.


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