How to reset your boiler using the ON / OFF selector switch – Error codes E110, E119, E130, E133


How to reset your boiler using the ON / OFF selector switch – Error codes E110, E119, E130, E133


How to reset your Baxi Group boiler using the ON / OFF selector switch on your boiler.

Open the pull down panel to revel the controls. If a fault occurs on your boiler an error message or light (depending on your boiler model) may be shown on the fascia display.

If your boiler uses a series of neon indicator lights (instead of an LED display) a lockout is shown through the flame failure light.

On the 10 -Neon display the flame failure is the top left light.

The process of resetting your boiler is the same regardless of the fascia display.

To reset the boiler, turn the selector switch to the R (rest) position.

Hold for at least 5 seconds and release.

The fault code will be replaced with the boilers current temperature.

At this point on a neon-indicator boiler model the flame failure light will stop flashing. It will be replaced with the burner light.

Wait a few seconds, the burner (orange) light will illuminate, showing that the burner has fired.

The temperature should now begin to rise.

On a neon light facia the top neon’s act as a temperature display when constantly illuminated.

If this lockout occurs frequently a fault is indicated and you should your installer or service engineer.

Fault codes requiring a boiler reset can include:

  • E110, E130 -Which are displayed when overheat of the primary water or flue system has occurred.
  • E133 – In very cold weather E133 can often arise from a frozen condensate pipe.
  • E119 – Which is displayed when the primary water pressure is less than 0.5 bar.

A rest can be tried for any of these lock-outs.

If your boiler displays any other fault code or in the event of a reset not being successful you should make a note of the error code and contact your installer or serviced engineer for assistance.

Blog Uploaded: 26th October 2015


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