3 Considerations for Bathroom Remodelling


Remodelling a bathroom can give you a whole new look in the home, with plenty of decisions for you to make. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel soon, then we have some considerations to help you to pick the right pieces to make this remodel a success!


The first thing you should think about is how much space you have, then how you’ll use it. There are some great bathroom designs that use really small amounts of space, so there’s no excuse! You can measure the room and plot out its shape to get more of an understanding of how you can use it.

This can prevent you from making mistakes with the space further down the line. If you think that you have more space than you really do, you might end up overcrowding things. This isn’t pleasant for any room, least of all the bathroom.

This is a big consideration, as you want to have the layout in your mind and understand what is possible with that space. Another important aspect to consider is whether you need mobility assistance in your bathroom. Remodelling your bathroom is the perfect opportunity to install either a walk-in bath or walk-in shower which you can find more information about on Mobility Plus. Their guide provides a lot of insight into these bathroom solutions and will provide you with a better understanding of which one is right for your needs.


The amount that you want to spend on the room is also important to note, as you should have this defined before you start to spend. While you may want to add in a lot of fun features and decorations, you need to think about the basics first and foremost.

The cost of some bathroom fittings can add up, as they take up a sizeable amount of the budget. Think about where you want to spend most of your money and then plan accordingly. For example, if you don’t want to spend a lot on tiling, then you may want to go for a plastic panel instead. This will free up your money to spend elsewhere on the project.

If you’re handy, then you can also take a DIY approach too. This can save you a lot of money on labour, as you don’t need to pay for someone to fit everything in the room. Certain elements should only be handled by a professional, so make sure you know what you’re doing!


Your personal style can be used to great effect in all rooms of your house, including the bathroom. While these aren’t usually quite as dressed as other rooms, there are still ways that you can add in your style to the room. For starters, when you pick the larger items, this will show off your style. Square, round, chrome and colourful fixtures are all ways that you can start to show this.

From there, the small accessories really add to this feeling. Colour coordination is important to ensure that these can set the room off well. Choose a colour pallet and then you can accessorise away! Towels, toothbrush holders and other small items can work together to create this cohesion. These don’t have to be expensive either!

Lighting makes a massive difference to the room too, the more the better. By creating a bright and inviting room, you will feel like it’s a real asset to your home. Not only will this look great, it can also add value to your home too.

Now that you’ve considered all the facts, it’s time to get out there and make a difference to your bathroom. Get started creating the ideal bathroom in your home.


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