How to Spruce up your Home this Autumn


Now that the summer is over and autumn is here you may wish to think about making slight changes to your home in order to keep in with the autumn feel.  There are so many simple things that you can do with very little or no costs that will make a big impact.  Below we have come up with some of those ideas.

Change your Interior Lighting

Changing lighting in your home can make a significant impact on the interior mood and can be done so very cheaply.  Even the amount of light that is omitted can make an impact hence why many people have dimmer switches in place.  If you look at appliances such as Pagazzi floor lamps you will see that there are multiple options of jazzy lamps with creative shades of all different colours that could help spruce up your home.

Change the Interior Colours

When people think of painting then they sometimes panic due to the fact that this can be a bit of a hassle to do.  Despite this, making some simple changes to the interior colours can make quite a large impact.  There are nice autumn colours that could be considered to paint the walls and hopefully make it more comfortable looking.  If you are not a fan of doing this yourself then why not get the experts in to do this.  You can get interior painters in all areas for quite competitive rates.

Sofa and Cushion Change

A sofa could be a pretty expensive expenditure however this is generally the centre piece of a living room or lounge.  You could go for some vibrant colours that would spice up the room or if this seems to extreme, why not consider changing the cushions on the sofa?  By doing this, you could also make a bit of an impact. Although buying a new sofa would be expensive, you could get the timing right and order now where they usually do some really attractive Autumn deals with guaranteed delivery before Christmas. Otherwise, you could even go for a second hand sofa where you will find sites such as eBay are overwhelmed with choice.

Flooring / Carpet Changes

Whether you have flooring or carpets you may wish to change these if they look worn or outdated. Carpets age quite quickly if they are not taken care of, especially if you have children or pets.  If you have a light colour carpet then it is even more prone to look worn or dirty.  No matter how much you get the carpet cleaned, sometimes it is better to just move on a get a new one.  If you choose to renew the carpet then, consider your colours carefully.  Not only should this fit in with the overall mood of the room but you should ensure the carpet quality is good enough to last a longer period of time.  You could consider moving to wooden flooring which is a lot more popular nowadays and a nice mahogany floor definitely looks to fit the autumn theme.

Interior Pictures

Pictures in some rooms in the home will sometimes be the first thing that people really take notice of. It is really easy to have the same old picture hanging on your wall for decades and not even think about changing it. Maybe it is time to have a look at these and consider making a change.  Some people would consider purchasing conventional pictures but maybe look at some more modern art and keep up with latest trends?  Art prices range in price significantly but it doesn’t need to break the bank balance.


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