What Are the Advantages of Using Hemp Rope?


Hemp Rope 

Natural hemp rope has been of use to the world for many years, being utilized in different industries such as fishing and ship rigging through history. Through rope supplier Ropes Direct, hemp rope remains to be easily obtainable to the public with their brimming UK stock and their fast deliveries at your service. If you are looking to implement hemp rope into your business or simply need it for decorative use, Ropes Direct are who you ought to contact.

Strength & Durability 

Hemp rope is well known for it’s natural strength and toughness, historically and currently being used around the world for those key reasons. If your rope requirements entail the need for impressive tensile strength, hemp rope from Ropes Direct is a good choice. Hemp rope is actually recognised as one of the strongest natural fibres on the planet, due to its history in being frequently used at sea as a material to assist in any ship rigging or fishing jobs that required long lasting rope that remained sturdy. Although this type of rope is strong and sturdy, the actual feel of the material is soft and supple. This gives hemp rope the added advantage of being easier to handle than other types of ropes.

Helpful to The Environment

A characteristic of hemp rope that most companies would find beneficial is that it is in fact biodegradable. Hemp rope is made of natural fibres, and so because of this it will naturally decompose, therefore avoiding chances of pollution. This is obviously more positive than the likes of synthetic rope, which is manufactured with oil-based fibres. This means that when it begins to decompose it will leak oil and other chemicals used in it’s manufacturing and potentially cause harm to the environment.

Benefits in Industries

In centuries that have been and gone, hemp rope was important to sea-based industries such as The Navy, for which hemp rope was used to make the likes of sails, riggings and ropes. Nowadays, where times have moved on and manufacturing advances have taken hold of sea-based industries to assist them in their needs, the likes of hemp rope are used elsewhere. Hemp rope can usually be found in gymnasiums being used to climb up due its soft finish for gripping and it’s sturdiness to hold your weight. This type of rope will also tend to be used in the entertainment industry, with theatres using hemp rope to assist in lifting and suspending scenery into the air.

Contact Ropes Direct
Ropes Direct stock a wide variety of ropes to choose from, offering affordable prices and a speedy delivery service for all customers. Want to contact Ropes Direct about your need for hemp rope? Call on 01692 671721 today or alternatively email info@ropesdirect.co.uk.


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