What is The Appeal of Tungsten Parts & Fittings?



Tungstenis a refractory metal with the atomic number 74. This metal’s properties allow for it to be useable in a number of different ways, benefiting different industries in various respects. Through tungsten suppliers such as Special Metal Fabrications, Tungsten can be fabricated into different forms in which it can be used for different applications. These forms can include a tungsten bar, tungsten wire, tungsten crucibles and tungsten sheets to name a few. Below are some of tungsten’s effective properties that are found to be beneficial for numerous applications.

Has A High Melting Point

Tungstenhas an incredibly high melting point of 6170°F (3410°C). Because of this, tungsten is used in applications to withstand heat at an impressive level. Applications that tungsten is implemented into for this reason are furnaces, vacuum heating parts, heating coils and missiles. More specifically, tungsten wire is used in the applications of vacuum heating parts and heating coils.

Can Absorb Radioactive Radiation

Tungsten is known for being so high in density that it can absorb radioactive radiation. This standout property of tungsten gives it capabilities of being be used in the manufacturing of radiation-related devices. Tungsten parts can be found in the use of radiation shielding and various medical devices centred around x-rays; x-ray filaments, x-ray targets and x-ray tubes.

Corrosion Resistant Material

Another useful property of tungsten is it’s corrosion resistance. This means that the metal is good to be incorporated into applications that require long lasting support in severe environments, tackling atmospheric corrosion and moisture.

Conductor of Electricity 

Being an impressive conductor of electricity is also a strong property of tungsten. Tungsten has the capability to allow electricity to run through it freely which is effective for numerous applications. Being a good conductor of electricity means tungsten is perfect to use in items such as conductive wiring inside devices that may experience extreme thermal stress. It is also handy to use in electrical contact points such as in automobiles and electron tubes.

 Contact Special Metal Fabrications 

Special Metal Fabrications have been fabricating refractory metals since 2004, with a team that has combined experience and knowledge of 75 years. The team at Special Metals continuously act as tungsten suppliers and fabricators whilst of course supplying and fabricating all other available refractory metals. If you feel Special Metal Fabrications could be of use to your specific needs for tungsten parts, make contact now! Call on 01268 820409 or email sales@special-metals.co.uk.


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