How To Change The Way Your Rooms Look And Feel


Whatever we do for a living, we spend the majority of our lives within the four walls we call home, so it’s essential that we make it as welcoming and happy a place as possible. That’s one reason that having solid Do It Yourself skills is so important, as it allows you to quickly and efficiently carry out the household repairs that keep your property in tip-top condition. Even so, it can pay to transform the way your rooms look from time to time, as otherwise,they can become overly familiar and eventually boring. With that in mind, here are three effective ways to give your rooms an exciting new image.

Add Mood Lifting Colour To Your Walls

Scientists have shown that the colourswe look at can have a profound effect on how we feel, and there can be few colourswe look at more often, or for longer periods, than those on our interior walls. If you’ve noticed yourself feeling tired in the mornings or evenings, it could be that your walls are having an adverse effect upon your energy levels, but reaching for the paintbrushcan make a big difference. Bright coloursare mood lifters so they can be particularly useful when added to your study or living room walls. Always try a tester pot of paint first, and don’t be afraid to try a few coloursand shades until you find the one that inspires you.

Invest In Stylish Curtains

Curtains serve a number of vital purposes. They are used to regulate the amount of light coming into our rooms, of course, and can also make a room feel warmer during cold winter nights. A good set of curtains isn’t just functional; they should be aesthetically pleasing too. Investing in high-quality curtain fabrics is one of the best things you do, and interior furnishing experts like Fashion Interiors can supply curtains in coloursand styles that are just right for you, and at a price that’s right as well. When you have curtains you love, you’ll be happy to draw them at night, and they’re sure to be one of the first things that house guests notice too.

Heat Up Your Flooring

There are few things worse than having cold feet, but by installing underfloor heating, you can have warm feet howeverlow the temperature drops. Underfloorheating is suitable for either commercial or domestic properties, and it can be a lot less costly than you might expect. You may even find that the initial installation costs can be allayed because of reductions in future heating bills, and having it in place could also increase the value of your property if you sell at a later date. It’s a touch of luxury that won’t break the bank.

When our rooms look great, we feel great about living in them, and that can have a positive and transformational effect on our lives as a whole. Painting your walls, buying new curtains, and adding underfloor heating are three simple and cost-effective ways to change the look and feel of your rooms, and they can help turn your house into a home.


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