What are the benefits of Geothermal drilling?


Geothermal drilling is the process of drilling in to the ground in order to harness geothermal energy from the earths surface and extract the earth’s naturally consistent temperature.  This process is normally utilised for heating and cooling systems, as regardless of the location or season, the earth’s temperature remains at around 55 degrees.

Geothermal drilling is utilised to extract ground source heat, which can be obtained by specialist drilling companies such as the well-established UK company Teckna Group. Their specialists provide ground source heat pump drilling services, which involves carrying out geothermal response tests before installing the geothermal borehole and pipe work. This process enables the installation of the geothermal heat pump, which is utilised to provide households with cost-effective and efficient heating and cooling systems.

Geothermal drilling has numerous benefits including:


  1. Geothermal energy is eco-friendly

Geothermal drilling involves the extraction of geothermal energy, which is the earth’s natural energy, therefore there is no need to burn any fuel. This ensures that it is virtually free of harmful emissions, and therefore reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released in to the earth’s atmosphere.

The actual operation of geothermal drilling is also extremely eco-friendly, as it produces a minimal amount of pollution and there is also no impact on groundwater resources.


  1. Geothermal services are a great renewable energy source

Geothermal drilling allows access to a constant source of geothermal energy, which means it is available all year long regardless of varying temperatures. This means that geothermal energy provides an almost unlimited source of heat from the earth’s core and is therefore an exceptional renewable energy source.

Geothermal reservoirs are also great renewable sources, as they can be naturally replenished by reinjecting treated waste water, as well as salts and minerals back in to the reservoir.


  1. Geothermal services reduce costs

Geothermal energy can help reduce costs significantly, as it is a low-cost energy source, as it is locally sourced and therefore does not require the need for purchasing foreign oil imports and the purchasing of fuels, resulting in a boost in local economy.

Geothermal energy also reduces around 50 to 80% of costs for homeowners and businesses, as they don’t burn gas or oil to generate heat and use very little electricity.

More enhanced geothermal systems, such as Teckna Group’s service enables access to exploitable resources, which results in lower costs.


  1. Geothermal systems are low-maintenance

The lifespan of geothermal heat pumps is relatively long with most systems having a warranty up to 25 years, which is around 5 years longer than alternative systems. Although, the actual ground heat source, which is install via geothermal drilling can last up to around 50 years, making it an extremely low-maintenance investment.


  1. Geothermal drilling offers discrete installation

The installation of a ground source heat pump is extremely discrete, as the size of a geothermal borehole is a lot smaller than other drilling methods. The process involves using flush surface well covers, as well as underground ducting in order to protect the heat exchanger.

Now you know all about geothermal drilling, you should visit Teckna Group’s website to find out more information on their top-quality geothermal drilling services, as well as their various other services including installation of Water boreholes,soakaway boreholes, borehole monitoring, borehole site investigation, as well as their pipe and construction services.


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