7 Pro Tips for Planning Your Dream Garage


Having a car is the most exciting thing in life but some responsibility will be possessed in maintaining the car in good condition whenever the car is used. In order to do this its important to create a garage where a car can be stored safely and cleaned.

This where a car can be modified and maintained properly. While the garage is meant for parking, there are other people who use it for many ways like. However, there are some factors that should be considered when building a dream garage.

  • Flooring: When using a floor coating, will help in minimizing dust, making cleaning a breeze as compared to the old garage.
  • Electricals: proper lighting is important to set the right mood and lighting up workspaces.
  • Storage: There are some shelves or racks which can be used in maximizing the floor and also ceiling space.
  • The number of vehicles: while planning for a dream garage take to a consideration the number of vehicles that will keep that garage.

There are advantages of planning a dream garage. Follow these tips for planning your dream garage.

01. Buying garage refrigerators

Garage refrigerators cannot be proofed in terms of weather against wet weather. Best garage refrigerators are planned to work indoors. Since it’s possible for people to live in moderate climates and buy a fridge for keeping it in garages, other people will consider the condition temperatures of their garages.

When the climate is harsh especially winters areas, people may require a refrigerator freezer for the garage which will helps in keeping their freezer items frozen once the temperatures go down.

02. Air conditioning

Although air conditioning may seem like luxury while in a garage, it’s important since it does not block the window and it can be placed everywhere in the garage.

Air conditioner reduces humidity that assists in keeping their tool dry hence no rust that can occur.

Use measurements specified with the unit so as to construct an open area in the wall, then add a header over that opening and lastly to the air conditioning, add a different 20-amp circuit of power.

03. Drive-through garage

The garage should have a second door at the back that enables parking of the things like a boat trailer. The back door is necessary, especially while doing dusty woodworking operations. The garage can also be turned into party central by opening the back door.

04. Have a sub-panel

The biggest mistake that can be done is lack of installing sub-panel. Sub-panel have more power as well as more convenience. Its necessary to have circuit breakers in the garage this is because you don’t need to rest the main panel once the breaker is popped.

It will be easy to add more circuits without running wires to the main panel.

05. Tall doors

Tall doors prevent great goofs so while installing doors consider putting 8-fts than the commonly used 7-fts size. Also, tall walls are good this is because they permit more room to measure plywood sheets and long boards without touching the ceiling or damaging anything like bulbs. Tall doors can also help in driving with a load that is on top of the vehicle.

06. Shed dormers

By including shed dormers in the garage, benefits of the second floor are gained meaning extra windows and more headroom without bothering of a full second floor.

It’s advisable to consult the architect to assist in framing details.

Warm floors PEX radiant in the floor enhances the heating system. The heat released by PEX tubing which carries warm water via the slabs warms the floor and the garage. Heat loss can be prevented by installation of fixed insulation board sheets below the tubing and all over the corners of the slab.

07. Trusses

Even though attic trusses area bit costly, by upgrading them, they add many spaces to the garage. By doing this plenty space is created for an office area or either workout area

Although planning for a dream garage is important, it may be sometimes costly since to some extent there will be a need of architecture and plumber hence increasing the cost of labor.

Owning a car garage can be important since the modification of the can be done easily, cleaning and maintenance. The garage can help also in creating some other space which can be used by the family members or visitors or when holding an important occasion with friends or relatives.


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