How to Dress For a Successful Nursing Interview


Having all the required documents but making a decision on the appropriate clothes to wear becomes a problem. How to dress for a nursing interview makes a person earn more points from the interviewer. Creating good impression to the interviewer makes one stand out from the other applicants. This article will provide tips about the dressing adhere to when going for a nursing interview.

Natural Makeup

Do not overdo makeup. Many people tend to be nervous during interviews hence sweating a lot. The makeup will start melting making one feel uneasy.

Women should avoid using lipsticks. It dries off quickly hence leaving lips cracked and also leaves marks of the lip color when drinking a glass of water. Lip balm would be the most appropriate to use on lips.

Comfortable shoes

Most nursing shoes are closed-toed and low-heeled. If the shoes are new, wear them a day before going for the interview. This will make one comfortable when walking to the interview room.

Clean shoes for them to appear new. Deciding to wear high-heeled shoes? Ensure that the heel is not more than 2 inches. It is always advisable to wear closed shoes.

Use Accessories smartly

A nurse has to take care of many patients. Wearing much jewelry will make one look unprofessional. Keep it simple to avoid exaggerating the overall look.

Wear a watch to show one’s punctuality and the value of time. Some organisations forbid nail colors and tattoos. To be on the safe side let be natural.

Trim fingernails and make them neat. Women should remove nail colors on the fingernails.

Simple hairstyle

The hairstyle should be good and simple. When going for different hairstyles ensure it is neat and comfortable. Long hair should be tied up.

For those keeping short hair ensure it is well combed and or use a pin to tie it

Avoid hair colors or the use of clips in many shades. Unnecessary hair accessories that can be used another day should be removed.

For men, they should visit a barber a day before the interview. Ensure that their beards and mustaches are trimmed neatly.

Avoid smoking and the use of perfume or body spray

Smoking will create a negative impression on the interviewer. Smoke before wearing clothes. If the interviewer discovers one had smoked, then he or she can decide not to hire.

Some people are allergic to certain fragrances. The body sprays or perfume used can cause allergy to them. An interview is one day things so do not use it during that particular day.

Dress code

For shirts, skirts or pants they should be professional and well-fitting. This will make one feel comfortable and relaxed.

Choose clothes with solid colors such as blue, black white or even grey. Wearing clothes with prints or patterns will make the interviewer concentrate on the attire other than the one’s message. Avoid clothes with too much wording on them.

Many people find it difficult to iron their clothes. Get clothes cleaned and pressed by a professional. Good clothes will always make one look confident and professional.

Women should avoid clothing that shows their inner cleavage or inner undergarments. Example of clothes women should try including, well-tailored dress, skirts, and blazers. Men should get themselves well-fitting suits.

Conduct a research from individuals previously hired as nurses Look for a person who has been to a nursing interview. This person will help know the norms that are required during the nursing interview. The expectations on the interview attire to wear change from time to time

Choose the right a person who has recently gone for a nursing interview to get more information. This will help in picking the right attire and be confident. Before going for the nursing interview make a few consultations.

Research what the company requires one to wear. Family and friends can help one determine which clothes look best one a person depending on one’s height and size.


No one wants to go for an interview, and in the end, they do not get the job. Qualifying for a job does not only require a good resume but also being properly dressed. Follow the above tips and get qualified after the interview.


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