3 Things to Consider in Choosing Sliding Wardrobe Doors for Your Caravan


A Wardrobe is one of the furniture that most people tend to ignore or put much less thought about. But for those who care about the neatness in their indoors, wardrobes are as crucial as beds and sofas. Most people worry about their limited space when they think of having a closet. If you happen to fall between them, read on, I have good news for you! You don’t have to own a mansionette to have a stylish cabinet, because nowadays you can get sliding door wardrobes to fit in your room without occupying too much space.

Below are some of the factors you should consider before making your choice;

1.      Material

Various materials are used to make wardrobes’ sliding doors, and of course, their durability is also different. So, you have to consider this factor if you want your wardrobe doors to last longer. The type of materials that are mostly available include, steel, aluminium, timber, and glass. You can also have your sliding door mirrored and especially if you want your small room appear bigger and also keep an extra space where you could have kept your mirror.  If you prefer a glass door, choose the double pane glass door to avoid easy breakages. You can paint fiberglass doors and customize them however you want. Avoid materials that can rust.

Other than the quality of the door itself, ensure all its accessories such as the track, wheels, and frames are also durable. High-quality tracks help the door to slide smoothly and silently while opening and shutting and can go for many cycles without replacement.

2.      Size

When it comes to installing any furniture in your caravan, never work with guesswork. Take the actual measurements of your available space, a wardrobe that you want to fit the doors both vertically and horizontally, to be able to buy the perfect fitting sliding doors. Also, avoid buying heavy sliding doors for more comfortable transportation from one point to another.

3.      Safety

Safety comes first when buying any piece of furniture, and especially if you have a toddler around. Choose sliding wardrobe doors that you can install the lock system to keep your documents or any other content in it safely. For glass doors ensure the glass is double pane and of high-quality such that even in case of accidents, it won’t badly hurt you or your young ones. You can as well invest in Sliding Closet Door Lock for your glass patio that your kid won’t tamper with.

Other than the above factors, you should go for the color that you desire and can match with the rest of the furniture to make your interior more gorgeous. So, whether yours is a small room or a big one, sliding wardrobe doors will be a great choice as they look more classic and requires no extra room for opening and closing. And, like when you are buying any other item, always remember to go for the products that are within your budget.


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