3 ways to use wire rope in your home


Do you have steel wire rope in your home? You may do and not even realise it. Wire rope often goes unnoticed in the home; but, thanks to its modern appearance and beneficial properties, it can be used in a number of different ways. Here we take a look at its 3 most popular domestic uses.

How can I use steel wire rope at home?

  1. Balustrades

Wire rope is an excellent option for garden balustrades. You can breathe new life into your decking system, switching out old wooden panels and replacing them with a wire rope mesh. It will add a stylish and minimalistic touch to the feature, creating unobstructed views across the garden. Wire rope balustrades are also very easy to maintain and they will improve safety for children and pets.

  1. Shelving

Due to their high tensile strength, steel wire ropes are suitable for hanging shelves in the home. Simply cut the rope to the appropriate length and combine with stainless steel fittings for one or more shelves. The rope will provide safety and security, allowing you to store large heavy items with ease, and the design will add an unusual and contemporary touch to the room.

  1. Washing Line

This is, arguably, the most common domestic application for steel wire rope. It demonstrates excellent resistance to weather and, even if left outside, it will maintain its bright silver appearance for many years. Compared with many other shop-bought washing lines and rotatory airers, wire rope is very durable and it offers a reliable way to peg out your washing on a sunny day.

Where can I buy steel wire rope?

When it comes to using wire rope inside the home, the possibilities are endless. Just be creative and perhaps contact an industry-leading supplier – such as Ropes Direct  – for further advice and ideas.

They currently have a comprehensive range of steel wire rope for you to choose from – including stainless steel wire ropes, galvanised steel wire ropes, and PVC steel wire ropes. These are sold in various different strand types (on 50, 100 and 200m reels) and, manufactured to the highest possible standard, they are suitable for a diverse range of domestic applications.

So why not get in touch today? Either give them a call on 01692 671721 or send an email to info@ropesdirect.co.uk and start to introduce stainless steel wire rope into your home.


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