3 practical uses for decking rope in your garden


Decking rope is the perfect option for outdoor use. Not only does it have an attractive ‘natural hemp’ appearance, but it is also strong, tough and designed to tackle the harsh UK elements. Here we take a look at the top three ways that you can utilise synthetic decking rope in your garden.

How can I use decking rope in my garden?

  1. Decking and handrails

Just as its name suggests, decking rope is ideal for use in a garden decking system. It can create an effective boundary around the perimeter of the decking or it can be installed as a handrail for a small flight of garden steps. Either way, the rope will improve the overall safety of your feature (particularly for children and pets) and will add a traditional yet decorative look to your garden.

  1. Lawn edging

Decking ropeis a creative and stylish way to edge your garden. It’s nautical ‘natural hemp’ appearance is often overlooked, but it can add a classic touch to your garden. Perhaps combine garden decking rope with stone pavement edging, use it edge your lawn or garden pathways, and then decorate a couple of plant pots with synthetic hemp rope to complement the look.

  1. Play Equipment

This is one of the most popular home-based uses for garden rope. Thanks to its weather-resistant properties,  garden decking rope can be used to create a variety of children’s play equipment – including trapeze bars, rope swings, and rope ladders. It is strong enough to withstand wear and tear, but it is also has a soft texture that is comfortable enough for children’s use.

Where can I buy decking rope?

If you would like to introduce decking ropeto your garden, it may be worth contacting an industry-leader – such as synthetichemp.co.uk. As one of the country’s premier synthetic decking rope suppliers, they currently sell decking rope in both precise metre lengths and 100m and 220m coils. It is manufactured to the highest possible quality and it is ideal for domestic garden-based used.

So why not get in touch today?All decking rope is available at a highly competitive price and the in-house team can advise on the best product for you and your needs. Either give them a call today on  01692 668996 or send an email to sales@synthetichemp.co.uk for more information.


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