5 Ways to Decorate a Child’s Bedroom


Decorating your children’s bedroom in pink or blue from the early months of childhood, through to the individual personality of a teenager is great fun, both for parents and children.

As children grow up, of course, there comes a time when they develop their own ideas and opinions on how they would like their individual bedroom space decorating.

The decoration of your own bedroom reflects your personality and so this is also true for your children. Sometimes we’ll like their choice other times we’ll be shocked.

There are many themes to choose from, which make your child’s room more individual. 
You can make each bedroom space become more exciting and an interesting place to spend time. Depending on the space available, you can decorate it as a place to relax and chill as well as an environment to entertain your friends and have fun. Your bedroom becomes your universe.

Today there are endless decorating ideas to choose from, wallpapers, wall coverings, wall fabrics, exciting lighting concepts, blinds rather than curtains etc.etc.

Choose a theme

The starting point to creating a stylish child’s room is to discuss a theme. Plan a cartoon themed bed and furniture or Marvel comic characters or some Disney type theme, the possibilities are endless. Put all your ideas, colours and themes onto a mood board. Play around with themes to suit the personality and character of your child.


Of course, large pieces of furniture can be pricey, start with well made styles. Graduating from the crib to child’s bed, bunk beds or put ups for sleepovers which all need to be considered carefully. Look at different options that can grow with the needs of the child. The Julian Bowen cabin bed from Children’s Bed Shop is a great option for a room with limited space but is still craving some fun furniture! Even the smallest space can look exciting with time and thought.

Be inspired by flicking through magazines for different ideas. 

If you feel this to be a challenge, visit showrooms, they leave nothing to the imagination, as they set the bedrooms out with all the accessories etc. In walk around displays get involved, lay on the bed, jump around, feel the space and imagine it’s your own room. Then write down what floats your boat, together with the cost to ensure your dream room is within budget.

If you’re a whiz with DIY you can design and build your own- WOW !!!

Add a splash of colour

Your choice of prints and patterns certainly changes the vibe within the room without too much expense, just by changing the curtains and duvet cover can extensively transform a room. During the early years, pastel shades can give a calm and serene atmosphere. Relaxation guaranteed. 

As your child develops, favourite colours will come into play, personal choice plays a large part in the planning. Use toned-down soothing colours to set the mood to be cosy and restful. As your child grows always involve them in the decisions. In the end it’s their room and you want them to be happy with the results of your hard work.


What about using your kid’s art work and favourite fun photos? Put these in funky frames and create memories. 

During the early years of childhood, teaching and playful learning aids are great on the walls, for example, colourful world maps etc.

As your child develops, mood boards and inspirational phrases can be personalised to give a positive mood. Remember that children like bright funky colours that might surprise you. Run with their ideas. Share the dream.


Of course, all rooms can be transformed with different types of lighting and your child’s bedroom is no exception. During the early years you want to encourage relaxation after bath night to assist with sleep, and as your child gets older consider lighting for studying and reading, 

Dimmed light for relaxing and adding mood and atmosphere during the teens. Light can be used for creating multiple atmospheres in a single room.


Important to keep the bedroom simple and clutter free, so hidden storage is essential to hide away bits and bobs that you don’t want on show. Choose furniture that fits the room but maximises the space. Customise by painting designs on cupboards and wardrobes to link it all together.


Enjoy the moment. Get your child’s views and input. Share the dream. This is a great opportunity for parents and children to bond. Remember they’re only young once. Grasp the time with both hands and really enjoy!!!


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