DIY Steps To Achieve That Escape Proof And Indestructible Pet Crates


Your pets are just as valuable to the family as any other member, and that’s why having a crate that holds them in well without the risk of destruction is extremely important. We use crates either to transport our pets from one place to another, or to give them a confined space within the household or outside. If you’re new to all this and are wondering why you would need to even have an escape proof crate that is indestructible, this is because when you leave your fluffy friends alone, especially dogs, they tend to suffer from separation anxiety. The anxiety, as a result, causes them to get worked up and they take it out on trying to destroy the crate or chew on it. This is why it is so important to make sure that the crate you have is one that is of good quality, and there’s no better way to do that than to just Do it Yourself.

The options

Of course it is a given that you have the option to go ahead and invest in a crate that is ready made. If that’s the route you’d like to go, then you can learn more at The Pampered Pup where you can get an idea of what kind of ready made crates are available for sale. There are an array of styles and different design for you to pick from in all kinds of colors and materials.

If you’d rather go down the DIY route to creating your own pet crates, then you’ll certainly have the freedom to choose if the crate is to serve another purpose in the house and if you’d like to integrate it as furniture, and you add your own personal touch to make it fit perfectly to reflect your personality as well as your pet’s. So what could your pet’s crate double as? These options tend to be more escape proof for the simple reason that their placement will certainly put your pet at ease. This way, they will be less susceptible to try and escape.


that sits at the end of your bed; gives comfort to both you and the pet, as well as serving a more practical purpose as well.

Coffee table

that sits in the middle of the living room.

Multilayered crate

if you have several pets then you can always build the crates in a way that they are connected to each other.

TV stand

You could either build this from scratch or get an old TV stand and transform it into a crate.

What to consider before getting started

There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind before designing and building your homemade crate for your fluffy friend. 

Their weight

This is probably the most important factor to take in to consideration because if you want to make sure that the crate is effective in securing your pet, and also that they don’t ruin it when they bite at it or jump around, then you have to weigh them.

Their Size

How big or small your pet is determines the width and length of the crate, and also helps in the decision of where to place it in order to make it more secure.


After figuring out the design, purpose, and the factors mentioned above, you will have to weigh all these together to make the decision on which material(s) suits your final design best so that you can ensure the crates are indestructible.

Get building

Once you have all your details in place, it’s finally time to get started on the building process. If you follow these simple steps then there’s really no way for you to go wrong.


Make sure that you have all the measurements accurately set out so that the framework fits in perfectly in your space and with the rest of the design as well. Then set up the frame accordingly and make sure it’s set together in a way that it cannot fall apart. Using both glue and screws ensures that this is solid. If you don’t intend to move the crate around then it’s definitely not a bad idea to have the framework fixed to the floor. This lessens the risk of it toppling over.


The next step would be to fix the grates on to the frame. Make sure you do this from the inside. Also be sure that the grate are made of a durable and strong metal.


You must fix the doors in carefully so that the lock is effective, and also to make sure that they fit in perfectly with the grates on either side.

Floor & Roof

These will both be solid so that they can hold the weight from the pet at the bottom, and anything you are thinking of placing on the top. Make sure the material is durable and 


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