Everything you need to know about aluminium die casting for the automotive industry


If you are looking for custom-made metal car parts, then considering aluminium die casting would be the best place to start. Thanks to its versatility and lightweight structure, aluminium die casting is one of the most popular ways to manufacture affordable, durable and long-lasting automotive accessories. Market leaders in precision die casting, Lupton and Place, offer a range of die casting methods-to provide parts that can perfectly meet your requirements.

What is die casting?

The process of die casting involves subjecting molten metal to high pressure, forcing it into a mould known as reusable metal dies. Using this process, you can manufacture precise dimensions, smooth or textured surfaces and sharply defined metal parts.

Lupton and Place have invested heavily in the technology they use – with the capability to produce over 5 million castings every single year. They offer the most popular methods of die casting with aluminium die casting, as well as other methods such as pressure die casting, gravity die casting and structural die casting.

What industries can die casting be used in?

Although it is most often related to the production of lightweight automotive parts, die casting processes can be used for a range of sectors. Industries such as aerospace, defence, construction and lighting are just a few that benefit from the multifaceted benefits of die casting.

Die casting in the automotive industry

So why is aluminium die casting so useful for the automotive industry? Not just lightweight, aluminium die casting also offers the necessary level of pliability – meaning it can be cast into a net shape for an almost perfect finish in less time.

Opting for aluminium die casting for your automotive needs means you can benefit from low costs, great thermal properties and a super-fast production time. What’s even more impressive is that aluminium die casting can be used in numerous applications, from car wheels all the way to the engine block!

Get in touch with Lupton and Place for aluminium die casting

Whether your project is big or small, Lupton and Place have the equipment necessary for the job. With a long-standing history of work with names such as BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan and Toyota – you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

To find out more about how Lupton and Place can help with your aluminium die casting requirements, why not contact one of their expert team on 01282 422 361. You can also request a call back simply by filling out their short contact form.


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