10 Electric Fencing Tips for your Garden


Electric fences can be a great addition if you wish to keep animals in or out of your garden. Here are some tips for placing them.

Having an electric fence installed? Here are ten useful tips to keep in mind.

  1. On you new fence, attach a single energiser – check out this one from hotline electric fencing
  2. Electrical fences should be installed a reasonable distance away from combustible materials as they tend to produce sparks in unusual fault conditions. You can also turn off or set energisers to low power, where possible, when the risk of wildfires is elevated by conditions such as drought.
  3. Energiser grounds should be located no less than 65’ from any grounding fields used for utilities.
  4. Electrical fences should be installed to run perpendicular to power lines and not parallel.

The topmost wire on the fence should not be any higher than six feet, and the fence should be offset by no less than 30’ from the power lines if they have to run parallel to each other.

  1. Utility poles should not be used to support fence wires.
  2. Prevention of audible interference with phone lines is the responsibility of landowners. In addition to minimizing the distance that fence wires run parallel to buried telephone cables, you should avoid having the electric fence installed directly beneath telephone cables.
  3. The electric fence should be installed as far as possible from radio antennas.
  4. Never use your mouth or head to make contact with the fence. Consult your doctor before working near or on electric fences if you have a heart problem or a pacemaker. It is important to take some safety measures even though there have been no reports of animals or humans that have been killed be grazing system, electrical fences other than through entanglement.
  5. Humans and animals alike can be easily entangled in electric fences that incorporate barbed wire; as such, you should avoid using barbed wire on your electric fence.
  6. Along stretches where the fence can be easily accessed by the public, be sure to post warning signs at 300 feet intervals.

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