3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly


Many people like the idea of being environmentally-conscious but don’t know how to go about it. Even though you are just one person, the choices you make can have a huge impact on our world.

There are many practical things you can do to make a difference. Quite frankly, the way we live in this modern world can be wasteful and harmful to our environment. To start being more environmentally conscious, consider these 3 essential ways to make your home more eco-friendly.

  1. Be Conscious of Electricity Usage

Analyzing your electrical bill with the help of an online guide will give you a better understanding of what costs are racking up. You’ll realize how much electricity your household actually uses. If you live in New York State, this guide for understanding your NYSEG bill is essential. Each state has their own guide, and they will encourage you to cut down your consumption to not only protect the environment, but also save money.

Make smarter choices when using your appliances. For instance, you can set your dishwasher to run at night. This will reduce the amount of energy being used during your electric company’s “peak hours,” greatly reducing your environmental footprint.

You should also purchase power strips and plug your devices into them. Even when you’re not using them, if they’re plugged in, TVs, computers, and phone chargers can use a lot of energy. If they’re plugged into power strips, you can simply turn off the power strip when you are done with them to save energy.

  1. Install Energy-Saving Devices

This tip might require a little more effort and investment but will be well worth the results. Once installed, they will do all the work for you.

Some energy-saving devices you can put in your home include:

  • LED bulbs.Forget incandescent light bulbs. They might be cheaper, but LED lights will save you money in the long run and last for many years.
  • If you need to replace your dishwasher, make sure to shop for eco-friendly ones. Current models have features such as washes for the top-rack only, allowing you to use less energy and water.
  • Smart thermostat.Reduce your carbon footprint by getting a smart thermostat. This device regulates your heater, one of the biggest energy-sucking appliances in your home. For instance, you can program your smart thermostat to start heating up your home before you get home and shut off an hour before you head out.
  • Solar panels.Depending on where you live, it might take a while for you to break even on your investment in solar panels. Regardless, solar panels are a great way to provide your home with clean electricity.
  1. Clean Appliances

You don’t always have to install new appliances or replace old ones to make your home more eco-friendly. Cleaning or tuning up the ones you already have can make them run much more efficient. Some simple changes you can make include:

  • Clean your dryer.Take the time to remove all of the lint out of your lint slot on your dryer. This will allow your dryer to run using as little energy as possible.
  • Clean your fridge coils.You can use a long, skinny brush to gently loosen any lint or dirt that might be lodged in the coils under your fridge. This allows your fridge to keep food cold without using as much energy.

These 3 Changes Go a Long Way

Start implementing these changes to make your home eco-friendly. You’ll be proud of yourself for saving money and impacting the environment in a positive way!


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