Why Steel is Ideal For Building Construction


The world’s industrial revolution was spearheaded by Britain and thanks to innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, machinery, railways and ship construction started to demand greater steel production. Through the re-privatization and nationalization of the industry, steel has been fluctuating in the British throughout history. However, nowadays, structural steel structures are an unparalleled option for construction as they portray various benefits.

So, how has the fluctuating landscape of steel and construction impacted the way view steel structures nowadays? Well, the use of steel in the construction industry has seen tremendous growth. Its popularity can be seen in the steel share market price for industrial and commercial buildings which have increased substantially.

There are a couple of reasons why steel is an ideal material when it comes to erecting buildings. Some of them include:

Fast Construction

Construction using steel involves using pre-fabricated items that are made off-site and then rapidly installed on-site with few hurdles. This creates an early ROI and other time-related savings which make a great impact on profitability.

Value for Money

It’s a well-known fact that the structure of a commercial building accounts for around 10% to 15% of the overall building costs. Picking the right infrastructure is of major importance, particularly in a competitive industry. Visit www.murraysteelbuildings.com to find out more about the best steel building for your requirements. However, steel frames were found to cut the construction costs by as much as 6% when put in comparison with concrete framed structures. This can make you substantial savings.

Quality & Safety

Most steel structures are pre-fabricated and this implies that they are manufactured under controlled environments. What this ultimately means is that quality is assured since variables like the weather do not affect the property.

Flexibility & Adaptability

It’s easy to create web openings with steel beams and this allows for an open plan design with efficient circulation space and minimal columns. This leads to a structure with malleable quality and presents the ability to change the internal walls and fixtures if necessary. This gives the commercial building the potential to have several purposes, which is a plus.


Steel structures are completely recyclable and because of the flexibility and adaptability mentioned above, the life of the structure can be substantially extended in comparison to concrete assemblies which tend to limit the purpose of the building. All steel structures have low operational carbon targets and adhere to high environmental standards.

Service Integration

Another major advantage of utilizing steel structures is the ability to create more space. It is relatively easy to integrate mechanical ventilation for industrial and commercial buildings without going too far from the original layout. This can be very beneficial, especially in regards to building height restrictions.


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