Brilliant Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive


These days, people spend a lot of time in the kitchen. We don’t just eat in our kitchens, we relax, we entertain guests, we hold family meetings. The kitchen is the hub of our homes and as such it deserves to be a beautiful family haven. Of course, creating a beautiful, classy room can be an enormous drain on our household budget and often families just don’t have the finances to spend on creating the perfect kitchen. However, it is beautiful to create a gorgeous, expensive looking kitchen on a budget.

Painting your kitchen

Paint selection is very important too. Lighter colours are usually a better colour for both the kitchen walls and cabinets. Pale colours instantly make a room look brighter and create the illusion of space. The appearance of space immediately gives the impression that your kitchen is expensive. Light colours also have the added advantage of reflecting light and deflecting the eye away from marks and dents on your cabinets.

Adding lighting to your kitchen

Lighting is extremely important in any room. Using beautiful light fittings can brighten your kitchen and change the feel of your room. You can use lighting to inject a touch of personality into your kitchen, making it look more unique and different from the standard kitchens that have been fitted in most new homes today. A chandelier or funky ceiling light are excellent ways of adding the finishing touches to your kitchen. They show that you pay attention to detail and that the little things matter just as the big things done. A gorgeous ceiling light will undoubtedly be a talking point for your guests at dinner parties.

Easily change the entire look of your kitchen

One fantastic way to update your kitchen, is to retain the cupboard carcasses, but update the drawer fronts and cupboard doors. This simple change immediately transforms and updates the complete the look of your kitchen. Replacing worktops can be a way to really up-Level your kitchen. The eye is naturally drawn to the worktops in the kitchen and they certainly complete a kitchen and make it unique to the individual who commissioned it. Great looking gemstone counters are worth investing in, and it’s always important to keep them as clear as possible to maximise their beautiful appearance.

Using stainless steel in the kitchen

Stainless steel appliances are beautiful in a kitchen, giving it a classy elegant touch. However, replacing appliances are not cheap and stainless steel appliances are particularly expensive. One way to make your existing appliances look better is to use stainless steel paint. Stainless steel paint has the advantage of making your perfectly serviceable, but dated, old appliances look brand new and stylish.

Padding artwork to your kitchen

Beautiful paintings in a kitchen can give it a homely feel. Paintings finish a room off. A large canvas with bright sections painted is easy to produce yourself and a large, bold painting will help to create the illusion of space in your kitchen. The addition of artwork is often a particularly useful way for people renting property who want to make the space their own, but don’t have the freedom to change fixtures and fittings as they would like.

In conclusion, your kitchen is a great opportunity for you to put your personal stamp on your home. You can easily make your kitchen look classy and expensive without spending a fortune. There are many ways of giving your kitchen an update, inexpensively. From stainless steel pain to new cupboard and drawer fronts; it is easy to bring some sparkle into the hub of your home.


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