Small Bathroom Trends and Ideas 2019


Yes, that is right – this year’s bathroom trend ideas are finally here. From applying the right bathroom fitters to adding a new bathroom countertop, here is every bathroom remodelling idea you need. Mind you, these trends are carefully selected to ensure that they really last for the many years to come.

So, whether you want a quick refresh or a complete renovation, these bathroom design ideas got you covered. Do you want a chic and modern combination? Are you into industrial or vintage style? Well, whatever it is, these ideas will get you started.

  1. Creating an Urban Oasis

This is where you want to showcase geo-patterned tiles on floors and walls. And if you like giving your bathroom a more modern feel, make sure these tiles come in modern and/or blush colours. To add to the creation of an urban oasis, try to move forward with a contemporary set of bathroom fixtures. For instance, you can add an angled basin with black fittings and/or taps. You can then add some tropical plants to compliment the overall design.

  1. Adding Subtle Shimmers

An all-white bathroom can be better improved by simply adding glam. Those white tiles can be complimented by way of catching the light in order to reveal a subtle yet noticeable pattern. You can either pair these tiles with marble floor tiles or some splashes of green hues.

  1. Black Is the New Grey

Grey is without a doubt one of the most popular colours back in the day. Most bathroom remodelling projects would include grey in almost every design aspect. Well, it is time to change it and add a new twist. Your goal here is to move towards a darker and bolder style – and black is going to help you do just that. More and more bathroom designs are starting to pick up darker tones, especially since they are becoming more popular in mirrors, light fixtures, vanities, and other fixtures. If you are hesitant in adding darker tones, there is nothing wrong about adding a slew of grey. Your goal is to simply steer clear from the traditional white or neutral colour combination. The boldness of black and the never-ending appeal of grey will give you the much-needed bathroom design!

  1. Using Blue Sanitary Ware

When it comes to remodelling your bathroom, being bold always gives you an edge (hence the black and grey recommendation). By adding a splash of bright colour, your bathroom will have a bit of character. In fact, coloured basins and baths are starting to become a thing once more. They give the area a good sense of luxury with the right mix of drama. You can start by adding blue sanitary ware like a blue sink or basin. You do not have to make all bathroom fixtures blue, especially since you can add other bright colours. Just make sure that the colour combination actually makes sense for you and your bathroom.

  1. Rustic and Industrial Furniture for A Relaxing Vibe

You can always tap into natural materials and/or industrial fittings. These are perfect for introducing a relaxing vibe to your bathroom. What is more, they do not necessarily cost you a fortune; hence, they are so easy to move forward with. Your ultimate goal is to give your bathroom a bit of character. You may start by upgrading your washstand to a clunky wooden plinth. If you have a go-to builder, simply ask him to use a simple timber frame. If not, you can repurpose an old sideboard or table and place your basin on top of it.

  1. Using Bathroom Wallpapers

Another interesting and affordable way of designing your bathroom is by using wallpapers. It is even a cheaper method than tiling and can take a few hours to set up. By wallpapering your bathroom, you are able to add eye-catching colours and bring the aesthetic appeal to a whole new level. Just make sure to never directly put wallpaper behind a basin or bath. Also, you should always seal the paper with a matt decorator’s varnish for a more distinguished look. Sure, this can be detailed in one or way another, but it is an affordable and excellent option.


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