What Is Emergency Accommodation In UK?


There are various reasons that can leave individuals and/or families homeless, and it can even happen in the most unexpected time. From domestic violence to livelihood failure to natural disasters, these are just some of the many reasons people often find themselves in need of emergency shelter like short stay apartments. The one thing all those reasons have in common is the people who require protection from the many elements.

Emergency Accommodation in a Glimpse

By essence, emergency housing refers to short term accommodation for people who are either in crisis or simply homeless. At a facility that offers this type of accommodation, you can obtain all the basic necessities. These include, but not limited to, clothing, food, sleep, shower, laundry, and money.

You might be wondering, “When does emergency accommodation become helpful?” Well, they are listed below:

  • You tend to couch surf
  • You are either kicked from your family home or asked to leave
  • You are in need a new place to stay temporarily as you trying to find a permanent place to live
  • You sleep on the street
  • You are in great threat of being hurt if you decide to stay in your home

If you are in need of emergency housing, hostels and shelters are two of the most common emergency short-term rentals. You will also find community-based organizations and/or religious entities offering this type of accommodation to people who are in need of it.

In most cases, these facilities are only meant for people with specific needs. They can be victims of abuse or violence. Apart from providing these individuals with emergency housing, these organizations or entities also offer counselling and group support. Even more so, they tend to refer these people to legal and health services. Interestingly, it is not required for you to stay in an emergency accommodation property in order to get access to these services. Just make sure that these organizations offer daytime “drop-in” programs.

Who Can Get Emergency Housing?

Each facility is unique in terms of the set of rules it applies, especially in determining who can stay and for how long exactly. These rules also help in pinpointing the services that can be offered to an individual looking for emergency housing.

The idea is to contact a facility and see whether you qualify for emergency accommodation. The facility, on the other hand, will try to determine if you are eligible or not. Here are some requirements a facility considers:

  • You are in need of priority housing
  • You are basically homeless now
  • You are able to meet immigration and residence conditions

Keep in mind that a facility will require a good amount of time to assess your situation. As such, you would want to apply early so you can qualify at an earlier time.

Where the Emergency Housing Might Be

The goal of an emergency housing facility is to find and give you emergency accommodation in your area. However, this is not an overnight process and the facility will have to consider a handful of factors. They are the following:

  • How accommodation can disrupt your children’s education
  • The time you need to travel from the location to your work
  • The different caring responsibilities available, as well as access to local support networks

If the facility believes that there is a shortage of local housing, expect yourself to be placed outside of your preferred area. From there, the facility will explain to you the next steps moving forward.

How Long Can You Expect To Stay

You can stay as long as you want in an emergency housing, but this is usually after the facility decides that you are eligible for long-term housing. The idea is that the facility will write to inform you about the eligibility. The only catch, though, is that it can take up to three months or so before a decision can be obtained. This only means that there is a need for you to spend a good amount of time in temporary housing until the facility decides to give you access to longer term housing. Lastly, the facility can still decide that you no longer qualify of long-term housing even after approval is given.


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