Top Ten Mini Diggers


A good quality mini digger isn’t just small enough and light enough to get them transported to wherever you need them, they also pack the power of much larger machines. There are some great models and brands on the market, but they each come with their own variety of features. You’re going to need to evaluate:

  • Cab Design
  • Engine Power
  • Boom and Tail Configurations
  • Tracks and Undercarriage
  • Optional Attachments

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for the right tools for some intense DIY, or a construction manager that needs more delicate work, then here are the top 10 mini diggers on the market right now.

1. The Bobcat E321i T4 Compact Excavator

This is very heavy for a mini digger, but that means it’s got a very powerful engine indeed. 24.8 horsepower and 2,200rpm could be all that you’ll ever need. Available with a fully enclosed cab or an open top, this is an awesome digger, but it can be hard to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

2. Kubota KX040-4

This is one of the most popular diggers available, and it’s perfectly designed for landscaping. With excellent cab vision and easy internal cab layout, no driver is going to be unhappy to get a few hours behind the controls of one of these. Perfect to hire so that you can get to work immediately by clicking here.

3. Case CX26c

More known for tractors than diggers, that hasn’t prevented Case from launching this fantastic little machine. With some impressive strength that can tackle thick concrete, this might even be able to outperform those larger diggers that aren’t quite so easy to manoeuvre. A surprising addition to the list, but certainly a welcome one.

4. Caterpillar 301.5 Mini Excavator

Much lighter than you’d expect, this Cat comes with a four-stroke, three-cylinder engine. With two operating speeds to choose from, this is a great little digger, especially considering that it comes with plenty of amazing features and add ons.

5. Takeuchi TB215r

This is a solid option and a no-nonsense machine that does everything that you need. Low-cost and packing some real power, this is the top choice for plenty of drivers. It can seem a little low-tech considering its competition, but that just makes it even easier to control.

6. John Deere 50G Compact Excavator

This is one heavy machine, so it’s not going to be the best choice for lighter work. It’s got all the power though, and it’s also one of the fastest mini diggers around. The tracks are steel as standard, but you can opt for rubber should you need it. This is highly manoeuvrable too, so can get right into the nooks and crannies that you need it to. 

7. The Kubota Ultra-Compact Excavator K008-3

If you’re looking for something light, then the Kubota is a dream come true. Obviously, the lightweight and lower engine capacity make it unsuitable for heavier tasks, but it’s nimble and ideal for DIY.

8. Sunward SWE18UB

One of the lesser known models on the market, this Chinese-made digger is low-cost without losing out on power or performance. While it more than matches up to the specs of more famous brand names, the big selling point is the sound. It is a remarkably quiet engine, and that makes it ideal for those home renovators who don’t want to upset the neighbours.

9. Takeuchi TB216 Compact Excavator

While this is one of the slowest mini diggers on the market, the retractable undercarriage is a nice touch that makes it a lot more manoeuvrable. Narrow spaces are a breeze for this model, and the three available attachments (auger, buckets, and breaker) can be very useful indeed.

10. Agrison ME850

There’s a lot to love about the ME850, but the price is the main draw. One of the cheapest mini diggers available, that low price hasn’t meant much in the way of compromise in terms of power. Slim enough to get through a garden gate, it can also store a large amount of hydraulic oil, saving you time when it comes to refills.

Modern diggers are easier than ever to transport, and their improved hydraulics make them equal in many ways to their larger rivals. If you’re not sure which digger is best for you, chat to hiring firms who can talk through your options and get the best model to suit your needs.


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