10 Dangerous Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog


Could you be feeding your dog the wrong foods? Your dog will look at you while you are eating with its big borrowing eyes and you may not resist. The next thing you find yourself doing is tossing whatever you are eating to your dog. Do you know that feeding your dog inappropriate foods can lead to its death or serious health problems? Take for example, when playing lottery, you must know what are the odds and how to play smart. This also applies to when you’re feeding your dog. You must know the food you should feed the man’s best friend and what to avoid-for the sake of its health. Every dog owner should be very cautious about what they are feeding their dog. Here are the worst foods that you should never feed your dog.

1. Alcohol

We all love our beer and wine and you may be tempted to share it with your dog. Watching your dog lap up some alcohol would be fun. However, this is a very bad idea. The same effect alcohol has on people is not an exception to your dog. Getting your dog drunk will only make it vomit, diarrhea, get coordination problems and experience difficulties in breathing. Also, your dog’s organs are much smaller compared to yours. This means that a dog is more sensitive to alcohol than humans and the side effects are likely to be worse.

2. Avocadoes

Are you aware that dogs are allergic to avocadoes? Yes, they have a fungicide known as persin that upsets the stomach of your dog. Persin is also present in the leaves, bark, and seeds of the avocado tree. If your home backyard has one, don’t allow your dog near it. Guacamole is also famous in most homes and a dog should not be allowed to eat it. Eating excess avocadoes will make your dog diarrhea and vomit.

3. Coffee/tea

Anything with caffeine is not good for your dog. Caffeine causes heart palpitations and muscle tremors to your dog. Some symptoms of a dog that has had some caffeine are restlessness and rapid breathing.

4. Chocolate

Your kid’s favorite snack may be chocolate bars and kids will always feed the dog with their snacks. Chocolates have high levels of theobromine which is very dangerous to your dog. Your dog may experience seizures, irregular heartbeat, and excessive thirst after consuming chocolate. Worse, these conditions can lead to the death of your dog. Since you don’t want that, keep chocolate out of reach.

5. Gum

Gum is the worst thing that your dog can eat. This is because it leads to obstruction of your dog’s bowel causing serious health issues. Gum has xylitol a sweetening ingredient that is also added into some baked foods and candy. This is a dangerous substance that can lead to the death of your dog. It causes liver failure and vomiting. Other worse side effects include seizures and lethargy. For the health of your dog, avoid feeding it gum and candy at all means.

6. Salty Food

Salt is very dangerous to your dog. It causes seizures, tremors, and high temperatures. Stop that habit of sharing your salted potato chips and fries with your dog. For a dog with high blood pressure, feeding it with salted foods should be avoided completely.

7. Onions

Any form of onion whether powdered, cooked or raw is not good for your dog. Onions cause irritation to the digestive tract of your dog. When eaten in large quantities, it leads to the depletion of the red blood cells of your dog. This may cause anemia. Your dog will experience breathing problems; vomit and it will become very weak.

8. Grapes

A dog eating very little amounts of grapes can lead to kidney failure. Symptoms include repeated vomiting, depression and your dog becomes very sluggish. Since grapes are some of the favorite fruits for kids, instruct your kids not to feed them to the dog.

9. Raw Foods

There is bacteria’s found in raw foods that may cause food poisoning to your dog. Therefore, dogs should not be fed with raw foods such as eggs, fish, and meat. Also, stop feeding bones to your dog. They may have serious threat such as tearing your dog’s intestinal tract and also bones may get trapped in your dog’s throat while swallowing.

10. Sugary Foods

Dogs should not eat sugary foods such as ice-cream and candy. Sugary foods cause diabetes and obesity in dogs.

These are some of the foods that your dog should not eat.  You may want to treat your dog and end up causing some health complications. A dog should feed on processed foods always. Also, ensure that the foods are vet passed so that you do not expose your dog to serious health issues.


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