Best Ways To Spruce Up Your Kitchen


Are you sick of your old kitchen but at the same time can’t afford a big renovation or remodel? Don’t worry! You can still make a few changes here and there and spruce up your kitchen. Here we bring to you the most affordable and easiest ways to remodel your kitchen and that too without breaking your savings. If you are looking to renovate, think of redesigning your kitchen, the space where you make the first cup of tea of coffee in the morning.


Add some prints and colours to refresh your kitchen. You can do so with cheap yet great ideas- have a statement colour wall, cabinets, bold wallpapers etc. If you don’t wish to spend much, paint the kitchen island or have a colourful backsplash.

Open shelves

If you have a huge blank wall, you can use it to add some shelves. Open shelves are a wonderful way to show off your collection of glassware or other crockery or even some amazing cookbooks- they all will give the space more storage and value. Add minimal brackets to have that extra touch of freshness and elegance.


Refinishing the cabinets just by painting them in some other colour can be great. While you complete this, you will be able to see that your space will look all the more fresh and vibrant. Start with smaller cabinets and see if they look good and then go ahead with the rest of the cabinets.

Add some tools

Small changes here and there will surely provide your kitchen a completely amazing look and feel. There are a lot of kitchen window dressing ideas that you can use to have that appeal. Make the kitchen feel fresh again by cleaning it. Also, organize the kitchen well by eliminating all the stuff you don’t want. Add some boxes or baskets to keep items that you need at most times.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen island is the centre of the area and make sure you utilize it to make it a cool place as it will add that much needed statement to your kitchen. Choose the one that is unique and stylish like a wooden one with vintage look or a brick clad one for that textured feel. Such kitchen islands will pop up and look great even in the simplest of kitchens.

Get some new appliances

Obviously buying new appliances will be a little tight on your budget, but you can always choose to go one at a time. Get the appliance first that you need the most and try to get the latest model. This way, the new appliances will make your kitchen look new and fresh.

Think of trendy wall decor

You can do this by sticking some plates to the wall with the help of removable strips or you can even use the plate hangers. You can find some from your collection or can even have some new colourful, cheap ones.


From shelves and cabinets to appliances and pantry, we accommodate a lot in our kitchen. So the key is to plan everything well so that it looks in order.


Give your cabinets some drama while at the same time showing off your pretty pieces. You can get some LED battery operated versions with a stick on thing on it. These under cabinet lighting are softer options than overhead lights and look amazing at night.

Hide your wires

The introduction of gadgets has taken place too fast and kitchens are not behind. It is vital to make a nice charging station or find some way to hide those loose wires.


You may think that the outdated hardware would be difficult to give but it is not! You can simply warm up the finishes with brass option in trendy, new, modern shape. This will make your kitchen look stylish but surely that will not cost a fortune.

Plantation shutters

One of the best choices for window treatments is plantation shutter. These are less costly, versatile and can add great value to your kitchen. When shopping for these, it is vital to know if you are buying shutters that are built truly for your windows or if the company you choose to buy them from will take stock panels and make them to fit your size.

So, these are a few popular ways to spruce up your kitchen. Hope they will help you to make your space look all the more stylish and fresh.


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