Tips & Tricks For Hosting A Company Event In Glasgow


Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and it is bustling with people, entertainment, history & culture, as well as businesses.

In fact, this type of environment is ideal for companies to host events and boost awareness about their brand. The architecture of the city is very unique and the space offers those who live and visit there a creative haven to sit and relax in.

All of the ingredients for hosting a successful event are there, all that’s left is to determine the details of the planning stage.

  1. Determine your purpose

Is your company based in Scotland, or are you hosting an event in another country and city because you want to broaden your audience?

Before you delve any deeper into planning the details of your event, consider what your purpose is. Do you want to attract new investors? Are you hosting an event for the general public, or as a means of brand awareness for your business?

  1. Find a good location

While there are a lot of eclectic buildings in Glasgow, you need find a space that can be rented as an event venue. This will require a fair amount of research on your part, so it’s in your best interest to start searching for it early. No matter what location you choose, you should make sure that it is accessible for most people whether they are using a car or public transport to get there.

  1. Attract the right crowd

You set up your event so that people will attend it, which is why you also need to invest some of your time into attracting an audience. Make a point of advertising about it in social media while targeting a local Glasgow audience, and even post flyers around the city with information pertaining to your event.

  1. Hire a caterer

No event is complete without food, which is why you should hire a local caterer. It is a known fact that fruits and vegetables are important for mental health, so why not offer snacks and other dishes that are healthy?

  1. Create branded company items

You should offer a wide array of branded items that guests can take home with them. This can include the likes of pens, sticky notes, notebooks, and even t-shirts. This is a guaranteed to spread the word about your company. When it comes to offering shirts at your event, you can acquire assistance from the Glasgow based t-shirts branding company. In order to not waste money on too many excess products, you should first estimate how many people will be attending your event.

Research and planning is essential for your event to run smoothly and efficiently. Given that Glasgow is such a big city, you can almost guarantee that the best venues will be booked up if you wait too long to reserve a space. Don’t let this happen to you, and use this event as an opportunity to spread the word about your company, products, and services.


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