Top 10 Signs You Need a New Toilet


Seldom do people pay attention to the toilet. It is one of the most used parts of your bathroom. In spite of that, people tend to overlook it. The problem is if it develops a snag, it is a lot of hassle to get it fixed. That is why it is better to detect the sign you need a new toilet. It will help you avoid tedious repairs and immediate replacements. We will share with you ten signs, which will help you detect the same.

1. Excessive Age:
Can you remember how old your toilet is? Chances are, you do not even know when it was installed. Just because it is functioning right does not mean that it is in perfect condition.
After a period of 15 to 18 years, it is a good idea to get it replaced. After this time, the efficiency of the toilet goes on reducing. That is why; it is a much better idea to get it replaced the right away.
When it ages beyond this time, it can develop a lot of snags and can break down instantly. It means that you will have to replace it in real-time. That can be a cumbersome task and might disturb your schedule. A much better alternative is to change it once it is 15 to 18 years old.

2. Discoloration:
The aesthetics of any toilet are due to the white porcelain base. Also, the shine is due to the finishing coat on top. However, over a while, this coat wears off. Due to this very reason, discoloration is a pretty common problem.
Once the discoloration occurs, the wear and tear increases as well. In fact, instead of the shine, you will now notice a yellow layer on top. If your toilet is discolored or yellow, it is a clear sign that you need to think about replacing it.


3. Cracked Bowl:
Any American Standard toiletis good enough, only for 15 years. After that, it is susceptible to cracking. The impact of the crack depends on a few factors like:
• Size of the crack
• Depth of the crack
• Place of the crack
If the crack is pretty small and not near the plumbing fixtures, you can continue using the toilet for some time. However, over a while, it can go on increasing. Due to this very reason, you need to think about replacing the toilet. A crack can easily lead to a spillover of water, which can impact the entire bathroom. Also, it can reduce the structural integrity of the toilet. That is why, once you notice a crack, it is time to replace toilet.

4. A Crack in Tank:
If you have a two-piece toilet at your home, you have to not only monitor the structural integrity but also the tank which comes along with it. If there is a crack, you need to think about changing it. The water tank is often located against the wall, but it will lead to a lot of water wastage.
In such a case, not only, the bathroom will be affected, but also your water bill will increase significantly. That is why, once you notice a crack in the tank, you have no other option than replacing the two-piece toilet.

5. Cracked Tank Lid:
The cracked tank lid does not necessarily require you to replace the entire toilet. However, a lot depends on the crack. If it is a hairline crack, you can ignore it. However, the more you use the tank, the wider the crack will grow. Hence, even if you don’t replace it right now, in the future, you might need to do so.
One of the main disadvantages of the two-piece toilet is that if there is any problem with the tank, you might need to replace the entire set. Chances are, the company would not be selling the compatible tank separately.
That is why; you have no other option but to replace the entire toilet. The only silver lining is that you can wait till the crack widens.

6. Leaking Toilet:
More than a sign, this is a dreaded occurrence. If your toilet leaks, it can mess the entire bathroom. The stench will not go away anytime soon. So, to maintain proper hygienic conditions in your bathroom, you will have no other option but to change it.
You might be thinking that you can use a sealant, but the truth is that over a while, the effectiveness of the sealant will decrease. In such a case, the leakage will resume. That is why; this sign is more often an SOS when it comes to replacing the toilet.

7. Weekend Plumber:
The above subtitle might be confusing to some. However, we will go into the details below. What we refer to as a weekend plumber is a frequent need of fixing things, about your toilet. If you have been spending a considerable amount of time repairing one thing or the other, it might be time to change it. Since we often take up this work on the weekends, that is what we mean by the weekend plumber. The problems can be different like:
• Filling up the crack with sealant
• Replacing the lid of the tank
• Cementing the toilet once again into the wall
• And so on
If problems about your toilet have plagued you, a much better option is to replace it. It will ensure that you need not worry about it breaking down once again.

8. Inefficient Flushing:
Not all problems with your toilet are easily visible. Sometimes, you have to look for discreet signs to understand if there is a problem or not. One such issue is inefficient flushing.
If the flushing power of your toilet decreases, that indicates that there is a problem. It is complicated to locate such a problem. It can be due to the structural integrity being reduced or the plumbing fixtures of the toilet becoming inefficient. However, it indicates that there is a problem.
In such a case, rather than fixing things that will break down again, a much better solution is to get a reputed alternative like Toto toilet. It means that the problem of the flushing toilet will be a thing of the past.9. Heavy Water Usage:
Any problem with the toilet significantly impacts water use. If water use is increasing, there is only one way to fix that problem. It is to get a new toilet. Doing so will ensure that you opt for an eco-friendly design. If you have a ten-year-old toilet, it can consume up to 5 gallons per flush. These days regulations require manufacturers to design toilet’s which consume only up to 1.6 gallons per flush. As a result, the water use will automatically go down when you purchase a new one.

10. High Water Bill:
A broken toilet can be pretty costly, especially when it comes to high water bills. These days, water consumption is also precisely measured. Also, the cost per gallon of water is increasing. That is why, if you want to cut down on your water bill, replacing your toilet is one of the best options which you have.

So, these are the ten signs to know that it is time to replace. It will ensure that there is no complete breakdown of the toilet. It will help you replace the toilet in time. Hence, it will be easy for you to keep your bathroom functioning and avoid any sudden problems related to your toilet.



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