Getting Ready To Redecorate Your Home


At some point, your home will need to be redecorated. Styles change relatively often, and even if you have a neutral look to your home, rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom can look out of date. Or perhaps you want to renovate because you’ve just moved in and you want to put your own stamp on things, or you’re moving out, and you want everything to look great so that you’ll sell more quickly.

No matter what your reason behind the changes, they need planning in advance in order to make the most of the time you have. Here are some tips to get ready to redecorate your home so that you can do it quickly, professionally, and with minimal disruption.

Know Your Budget

The very first thing you need to think about when you want to make changes within your property is the budget. You don’t want to get halfway through a renovation only to discover that you have run out of money, and everything has to be left half completed. Not only will that mean you have to live with the mess for much longer, but by the time you get the funds together to complete it, the items you need might not be available anymore.

When you have your sensible budget in place, you must stick to it. There is no point in working hard to determine how much you can spend if you then go over that amount – you’ll cause yourself financial problems if you do this. If you realise you don’t have the funds to do what you want to do, you will need to wait until you do, or you’ll need to change your plans.

Have A Time Frame

As well as having a budget in place, you need to know how long things are going to take. If you plunge into your DIY work without a plan, it could take much longer than it needs to. If you find that you can’t work to self-imposed deadlinesvery well (and not everyone can), then why not have a real deadline in place? Get in touch with Gerald Eve Property Consultants and book an appointment for them to evaluate your property, for example; that way, you know when it all needs to be completed by.

The longer it takes you, the less likely it is you will complete it – it’s easy to become disillusioned and bored, even if you know the end result will work out beautifully. One good idea is to take a week off work and use that to get everything done; you have a time frame, and you have the time to dedicate to it.


In order to get the work done quickly and without any distractions, it is best to declutter your home before you start. You can pack everything away in boxes (ideal if you are going to be moving one the work is done) and put it all back when the work is finished.

Not only will this mean you aren’t going to break anything as you work, but also nothing is going to be in your way so you can get on without needing to take time to move items beforehand. You may even prefer your decluttered house, and want to keep it that way afterwards.


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