5 Actionable Tips to Pass Microsoft 70-486 Exam and Become MCSA Certified



Preparing for an exam can be such a daunting experience for most candidates. This is especially true for technical exams like for Microsoft. These exams have detailed and lengthy material that you must cover to be proficient in the chosen topic and get the top-notch skills. But everything good comes with challenges. Perhaps, you’ve already heard that Microsoft exams are not easy to pass. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to do so. If you intend to be a master in any of Microsoft’s specializations, then you need to have a proper preparation. You must set clear goals on what you want to achieve and how you’re going to achieve them Check it Here.

For example, you dream of making a career of a web administrator or web developer. For that, you need to gain the MCSA Web Applications credential by passing three exams. Their codes are 70-480 or 70-486 and 70-486. This article focuses on the Microsoft 70-486 exam, known as the ‘Programming in C#’ test. It’s one of the exams that Microsoft still offers despite their recent changes to their certification program. We’ll take you through its crucial details and give you actionable tips on how to prepare and pass it on your first try.

Before we discuss more about this Microsoft exam, we’d like you to understand some important updates to the Microsoft accreditation program. You may have heard about the latest changes in their program, where a number of exams, as well as certifications, have been retired. Due to this, new exams have been rolled out. The new exams refer to getting new specific roles such as administrator, developer, financial consultant, and solutions architect. This means you’re also going to come across new certifications. The program is now changing from the popular MTA, MCSA, MCSE, and MCSD certification program to a new skill-based one. The new approach leads to three levels of credentials, namely, Administrator, Associate, and Expert.

So, let’s start to get more information about MCSA Web Applications certification.

Microsoft 70-486 Exam and Certification

To earn the MCSA: Web Applications credential, you must pass two exams including exam 70-486. The second one is the Microsoft 70-486 exam. Getting this credential allows you to apply for the position of a web administrator or web developer easier.

Skills Measured by Microsoft 70-486 Exam

The technical areas that you’re required to master in order to pass the 70-486 exam include:

  • Program flow management
  • Creating as well as using types
  • Debugging applications as well as implementing security
  • Data access implementation

Target Audience for Microsoft 70-486 Exam

The ‘Programming in C#’ exam is for developers with a hands-on experience of not less than one-year programming essential enterprise logic targeting various types of applications, software platforms, and hardware using C#.

What Are Microsoft 70-486 Exam Details?

The Microsoft 70-486 exam is an associate level test expected to have 40-60 questions to be answered in 120 minutes. It may contain question types like testlet, drag-and-drop, case studies, multiple-choice, simlet, fill-in-the-blank, and hot areas among others. There’s no information about the types of exam questions prior to the exam. To pass the test you need to get 700 points. The exam will cost you $165 and to register for the test, you need to sign up with Pearson VUE.

5 Actionable Tips to Pass Microsoft 70-486 Exam

To ensure that you pass your 70-4866 exam, here are important tips to use:

  1. Plan Your Studies

It’s almost impossible to pass without having a prior plan for your exam preparation. It helps to manage your time efficiently, to cover all exam topics and concepts but what’s more important, you need to stick to your plan, otherwise, it won’t serve you right. It would be easier for you if you do a breakdown of each topic and allocate enough time for each of them. Don’t forget to give yourself necessary breaks in between your studies.

  1. Choose Your Study Sources Well

Every exam has specific prep materials. There are a number of them in the market. Before you begin your revision, it’s good that you carefully choose the materials to use. Proper exam materials will ensure that you get the right knowledge and skills. Here are some of the exam prep materials to use:

  • Training courses such as this Microsoft 70-486 instructor-led course, and the Programming with C# self-paced course
  • Reliable Microsoft 70-486 practice tests from the Examsnap website
  • Examsnap video courses for exam 70-486
  • Study guides like the Exam ref 70-486 Programming in C# at Microsoftpressstore
  1. Use Hands-On Practical Tools

Hands-on experience is essential to performing well in your exams and in your tasks in the real world. The exam questions require you to apply skills and knowledge gained during your studies. If you don’t use this approach as you prepare, then you’re most likely to struggle with the questions. Working with the real product would be a plus to your exam performance!

  1. Make Notes as You Study

Just like practicing what you learn is important, preparing notes from the study books, practice tests, and courses that you study is also key. Making notes helps to review the learnt material or remember the essential details or the whole topic immediately. You can make graphs, diagrams, write facts and draw connections, underline using different colors. Use any method that will help you pay attention to the necessary information and remember it. Making notes also helps to remember something that you note down even after a long time.

  1. Plan Your Time During Exam

This is also another important tip to bear in mind. Each question will take some minutes to answer. It’s good to know how long the exam is required to take and to also note the number of questions. This will enable you to allocate an equal number of minutes to each of the questions. Don’t dwell too long on a question that you find difficult. You can skip to the next one then come back to it later. For the difficult questions, you can start by eliminating the answers that you think are not correct. This will save you a lot of time and will also help you complete the exam within the required time.

Final Thoughts

Passing Microsoft exams may seem like an impossible task but with the right attitude and revision resources, you’re going to make it. With these actionable tips that include the use of proper prep materials like courses, Examsnap practice tests, and study guides, you’ll be victorious. Follow these tips diligently and you will pass your Microsoft 70-486 exam on the first try.



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