5 Things To Consider Before Buying Designer Clothes For Men


We always talk about first impressions in what and how we say something, and our body language. But before any of that happens, the actual first impression anyone makes is in the clothes they’re wearing. From the start, your clothes, style and taste says something about you, and you want to make a good first impression and a lasting one.

Some guys might not think it’s necessary, but designer clothes just make you look way better because they’re cut and styled better, plus they last longer. You don’t have to have an entire wardrobe of designer clothes, but every man should have at least a few designer items to show off and feel confident in. But before you hit the brand names, let’s take a few things into consideration first.

  1. Choose a designer or two: We know some of the top designer names, but there are hundreds of others who have great lines whose names aren’t yet as popular. When you check online, find the clothes that suit you and your budget which you could do by browsing through the internet. You may even come across, Dsquared Menswear who carries lines from different designers. You’ll find all kinds of things you would need, from swimsuits to shirts and pants, to accessories and footwear. And not every item is going to break the bank, as you have a lot of choices in different price ranges.
  2. Understand quality: High quality shows in the little things. Not everything that says designer on it is actually of good quality. Start by checking the sewing quality to make sure the item isn’t coming apart at the seams from a little tug or pull. There should be at least a 2 inch hem on pants, also. When buying a striped shirt, for example, are the stripes lined up correctly between the back and front? The devil is in the details, as they say.
  3. Buy clothes that fit: This point can’t be emphasized enough. If the size just isn’t yours, it will completely defeat the purpose of buying designer clothes. Buying a shirt two sizes bigger than you because it’s ‘comfortable’ isn’t worth buying from a designer’s line.
  4. Material: While the fit and colors are going to be main factors, the feel of the material is no less important. Put some thought into the material that the clothes are made of. When an item feels comfortable to the touch that usually means it will naturally look better for you and feel more comfortable.
  5. Shop wisely: When you see something totally suitable, there’s no harm in buying the same item in different colors, for example. Also, though sometimes expensive, these clothes do eventually go on sale. If you shop online, sign-up for the newsletter on the site you like, so that you know when discount sales are happening.

Buying designer clothes aren’t just for celebrities. There are plenty of choices out there that will always be a better choice than your run-of-the-mill and lower quality clothes that don’t add any appeal and don’t last. Take it slow and don’t rush into buying and you’re going to look and feel super great.


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