4 Things to Avoid When Renovating


Most people get so caught up in what they should be doing during a renovation project, that they almost always forget about the things which they shouldn’t be doing. Renovation can be a challenging balancing act, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed when starting such a huge task. By preparing, budgeting and keeping a cool head, there’s no reason that everything can’t go to plan!

Here are a few common pitfalls to avoid;

  1. Getting Carried Away

So, you’ve designed your perfect renovation, you have it all ready in your mind’s eye, you’ve received all relevant quotations and work is under way. When, suddenly, you realise you want to change something, perhaps an item would look better installed in a different way, or you suddenly have the taste for more expensive things. However appealing, these last-minute impulses should be avoided in renovation.

Before any work begins, you should have every aspect planned out, down to the smallest features such as light switches, so that all contractors know exactly what they’re doing, and you can ensure you have budgeted for everything.

You can always invest in quirky decorative features later!

  1. Failing to Follow Rules and Regulations

It would, of course, be great if you could do anything you wanted during a renovation without asking permission but, unfortunately, rules have to be followed. Rules and regulations vary during any renovation process, whether it’s a privately owned property such as an old house you’re trying to improve, or a community based project such as school refurbishments.

Before you commence any renovation work whatsoever, you should check: whether you need planning permission, whether you need Building Regulations approval, whether any neighbours need to be notified, and whether you need permission from others, such as the leaseholders of the land. It’s best if you check everything first for peace of mind.

  1. Underestimating the Cost of Everything

A savvy budget is key for any renovation project, but even that isn’t enough. You also need to have a buffer amount to fall back on should anything go wrong or additional work is needed. To make sure you fully understand the cost of renovation, get a quotation for everything, and that means everything,and factor into your budget every little item which is needed, even if something is just a few quid!

You also need to include the cost of labour for contractors, which includes extra budget if they end up working more hours unexpectedly.

Don’t forget to remember ‘hidden costs’, too, because services love to put those in. This could include extra VAT which may not have been stated on an original quote, or fees for planning control.

  1. Going for Cheap Builders

It’s important to save money where you can, but you need to toe the line between bargain and dangerously cheap. If a price is unbelievably low, it probably isn’t correct. This could be a misjudged quote or the potential for cowboy builders trying their luck. Make sure you check any prices which look suspicious, and know your numbers.


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