Five things that you didn’t know contain PCBs


If you don’t know, the printed circuit board is the main component of every electronic device. Most of us use a lot of electronic devices every single day without even knowing they contain PCBs. In this article we will tell you about a few devices that contain PCBs. These boards are embedded in the main circuit board of electronic devices. These boards are small in size and contain electrical lines through which electricity passes. Following is a list of all items that contain PCBs:

  1. Digital Watches

Though they are very small in shape and you might think they wouldn’t contain PCBs, but they do. How often do you think of the functionality of the watch when you see it? Nobody is least concerned of the dynamics inside the tiny accessory. If you ever get a chance to dissect a circuit board, you will come across a tiny sized circuit board inside. However, digital watches have very tiny sized custom made circuit birds that make them work.

  1. Fans, AC units, and heaters

These electronic devices are coherent with changing seasons. However, have you ever thought about what makes them work? Imagine what life would be without these accessories in the house. The benefit of PCB for these devices is it prevents the circuit from overheating. However, keep in mind, all of these electronic devices have different sized PCBs. During PCB assembly services, manufacturers dispatch different sized PCBs according to the device type.

  1. Electronic Kid Toys

Kids are madly in love with toys that make a lot of noise. With massive improvement in technology, parents have to learn to adapt to the noise of new-age toys that kids love to play with. Furthermore, most kid’s toys are embedded with song players that have PCB in them. Hadn’t these toys not been in crested with PCBs, kids wouldn’t have the opportunity of enjoying different songs.

  1. Washers and Dryers

Thanks to technology that continues to reduce human efforts. You will be intrigued to know, both washer and the dryer use different circuit boards to function properly. In today’s time, every household has a washer and a dryer as a mandatory appliance in the house. They make everyone’s lives easier and allow people to get rid of tough stains. Millennial grandparents are incorporating home appliances in the house to get rid of the archaic procedure of washing clothes with hands.

Thanks to PCB, washers and dryers have made our work easier. If you ever have an issue with the internal circuit of your electronic device you must google BGA repair to get a list of companies that provide related services.

  1. Stereos

In today’s time, everyone is obsessed with listening to music. There are multiple devices that allow users to enjoy music in real-time such as stereo systems, CD players, iPods etc. Everyday people listen to music for it relaxes their minds. All of this couldn’t have been possible without the incorporation of PCBs in these devices. Stereos come in different sizes; that is why they have different sized PCBs embedded in them.

Lastly! If it hadn’t been for PCBs, the world would have a slow process of functioning and communication. Thanks to PCBs for they help us navigate so many tasks in real life.


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