Decorating on a budget


Having a stylish home interior doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg, so we’re here to tell you our best tips for staying within your budget while decorating your home.

Using what you already have

You might think your home needs something new to bring it to life, but it might just need some re-arrangement. Changing up the layout of furnishings and decorations around the house can make quite a large difference in the atmosphere. Displaying antiques and collectibles that have been hidden away can also show off your sense of style with a more personal touch.

Removing the clutter

Sometimes less is more, especially with furnishings and decorations that are past their time. Dated and damaged items will do more help for your home in storage or in the bin, so remove any non-essentials to give your home a cleaner look.

Be Creative

Leave your pride at home and go to your local discount store, op shop or even a garage sale. You never know what amazing deals you could find, as someone could be throwing out just what you needed. Stock yourself up with unique objects and decorations, and let your imagination take over.

Be Smart With Your Budget

It’s easy when sticking to a budget to buy for price and not quality. Although it won’t be possible to achieve a certain level of quality while sticking to your budget, you can avoid buying an inferior product that you’ll want to replace immediately if you have patience when looking for new furnishings and decorations. Jess from notes that if you’re using borrowed funds from your mortgage to pay for your decorating, be careful to set this up as a separate loan facility so you can focus on paying this down ahead of schedule to avoid getting into the trap of continually drawing on your loan for personal expenses.

Low Price Alternatives

It’s quite common now to find lower cost replacements for accessories that don’t compromise too heavily on quality. Use these when possible to add style at no heavy expense to yourself.

Fresh Paint

Whether you choose to stick to the same paint or try out a new colour, repainting over old walls can breathe some life back into your home. Painting mistakes are also quite easy and cheap to correct, so if you aren’t too happy with the end result then you can try again without hurting your budget too much.

Design Each Room

Going through each room in your home and deciding how you want each room to feel is an important factor when choosing how to decorate. This will help you make the right choices when moving around furniture and decorations. Making a small room feel more spacious will have more impact than feeling crowded by decorations.

Future Planning

Although this isn’t always possible, try and invest in purchases that will last you for an extended period of time. Buying popular furnishings and decorations according to current trends may be a poor purchase if you get tired of it when the trend dies, so make sure you spend your money wisely to avoid constantly buying replacements in the future.

Your Home, Your Way

There’s no right or wrong way to do things when it comes to your home. All that matters is that you are happy with your home, so make sure you surround yourself with things that you appreciate and love.


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